Deck The Walls


Do you dare?

The fear is real. Just about every person over the age of 30 remembers the horror of wallpaper removal … a thought so traumatizing that potential homebuyers have turned down a deal simply because they didn’t want to deal with the wallpaper. Many have vowed to never install the “devil’s décor” again; however, wallpaper is having its renaissance and more interior designers are currently utilizing it to define and add character to a room. But, why? Why torture future generations in this way?

Well, as it turns out, wallpaper has changed.

Today’s wallpaper comes in two varieties: traditional (paste and hang) and peel-n-stick. Peel-n-stick is the choice for renters everywhere as it can be removed in most cases without muss or fuss and even traditionally applied wallpaper is more easily removed than that of times past. The only thing still discouraging people from thinking of wallpaper as a viable choice is a lingering stigma.

For brave souls looking to cover a wall in their home, which is better: traditional or peel-n-stick?

For large spaces and long-term devotion, most interior designers tend to “stick” with the traditional version. In large spaces, believe it or not, it is much easier to align, de-bubble and remove. Before the paste dries, the ability to move the paper as it lies on the wall is an underrated luxury. Peel-n-stick can not “slide” for adjustment; the full sheet must be peeled off and re-stuck. It is also more vulnerable to heat, cold and humidity causing the adhesive to lose its hold, creating a loose panel and chronic frustration. Traditional papers also come in a much wider variety of colors and styles, making for a more customized living space.

Peel-n-stick wallpaper is the preferred choice for fickle homeowners who love to “mix it up” every once in a while, and for renters who want to decorate but would also like to recoup their security deposit. For small spaces (stairways, cabinets, bookcases, etc.) the best bet is peel-n-stick for ease of application and removal.

Once you have decided what type of wallpaper to use, it’s all about choosing the right design for a unique, stand-out room.


Top 5 Wallpaper Trends for 2022

haitham /

1. Welcome to the Jungle
Bringing the outside in is still a top designer trend. Jungle and leafy frond motifs are making a splash in sitting rooms, dens and office areas.

Ketmut /

2. Recurring Animal Designs
Again, getting back to nature and its denizens is a big decór hit. Decorate with giraffe or moose prints in your den or bedroom; maybe a crab or heron pattern in your bathroom. (Mermaids? Why not? Go crazy with it.)

Wiktoria Matynia /

3. Art Deco & Geometric Shapes
There’s that “Roaring 20s” theme coming back again. Abstract shapes can really refine a room by adding a feeling of class and order. This style could work great in a sitting room or entryway.

Steve Cukrov /

4. Textured
Add a whole new dimension by lining hallways and living rooms with texture. Weaves, bamboo, cork and old-timey pressed designs will definitely give your home a unique and cozy feel.

alenarbuz /

5. Intense Blues and Greens
Make your room more mysterious and dramatic with dark blues and greens. Choose a solid color or go for broke with dark floral and nature designs. The Victorian style is on its way back; be the first to welcome it home.


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