My City Magazine has fast become Greater Flint’s premiere prestige publication. Our loyal readers find an exceptional combination of engaging content complimented by outstanding photography in every highly anticipated monthly issue. Our goal is to inspire readers to connect with their communities by highlighting the abundant cultural, social and business happenings in and around the city. My City supports Flint’s vibrant and growing Cultural Center and all that it brings to Flint, as well as Downtown’s re-energized revitalization efforts. Our regular “My Eats” and “My Business” features are popular and generate impressive positive feedback for the highlighted businesses – from new ventures in Downtown Flint to enduring local icons. Our content brings increased awareness of the good things happening in the Greater Flint area by presenting them in a highly creative and visually appealing style.

Please contact the following individuals for more information about advertising in our magazine or on our website.


Terese Allen
Account Executive
810.230.1783 ext. 304



  • SPREADS should be mindful of the gutter area to ensure proper bleed. (See full-page bleed dimensions.)
  • Color proofs are not required.
  • Please convert all RGB images and spot colors to CMYK.
  • Ads created in an unacceptable format will need to be resubmitted or recreated.
  • All ads submitted should be suitable to print as is. My City Magazine cannot be responsible for any errors in content.
  • PDF files should contain only 4-color process images (CMYK).
  • Image Requirements: All images for ads should be color corrected and provided at or above our minimum resolution requirement of 266 dpi. Image files should be CMYK and in .tif, .eps, or .jpg file format. 

 Click here to view our Advertising Specs and to download templates to use.

Ads must use these dimensions. If they do not, the ad will be resized to fit the designated space. *SAFETY: All live matter should be ¼” from the trim size on all four sides. My City Magazine can not be responsible for any information or live matter placed outside the safety area that is trimmed or cut off.

There is no implied guarantee for color reproduction, missing images, fonts, type, incorrect sizes, prices or dates. While Publisher will make every effort to catch possible errors, this is to acknowledge My City Magazine (i.e. Publisher) will not be held liable for any mistakes, omissions or color shifts in the printed magazine. All advertisements submitted to Publisher are accepted only upon the express condition that the Advertiser and Agency each agrees to hold harmless and defend the Publisher, its printer(s), and all participating publisher(s) against any and all claims arising out of or relating to copy, copyrights, trademark, or other material in any advertisement that may be illegal, unauthorized, or damaging in any way to any person or legal entity.