“From the Publisher” – January 2015


Dear Readers,

Happy New Year!

How about this month’s stunning cover? I want to thank Drs. Bobby Mukkamala and Nita Kulkarni for finding time in their busy schedules to make it happen for us.

By the time you read this, the holiday frenzy will be over, you’ll have made (and forgotten?) your resolutions and celebrated the coming of 2015. As most of us do at the start of each New Year, I’ve reflected on the past 12 months and as always, I consider myself blessed. Good health, new family members and friends, Flint-based businesses that have succeeded through endless ups and downs. I’m lucky that I like to work hard; but I have a super-talented and dedicated team who help me make it happen and I truly wish all of them the best in 2015.

Since Team My City started this journey, we’ve heard people say “the best” a lot – that’s always great, but we don’t do it alone. There’s so much great stuff to fill our monthly pages! For instance, who doesn’t love a pasty from King Arthur’s? Our “My Eats” is so popular – Flint really is an amazing place for foodies! Check out “Have You Had One Lately?” And look for more surprising food features in the months to come.

We love to hear from Flint folk who relate to MCM on a personal level. I’m betting you’ve heard the name Perani – even if you’re not into hockey. The Perani family’s hockey connections go way back to Bob Perani’s days with the Flint Generals. Check out “All Things Hockey”, a profile of Perani’s Hockey World, a Flint-based company going strong for decades.

We’d be remiss not to highlight a Flint connection to the late Martin Luther King, Jr. during the month of his birthday. Our conversation with Flint businessman, Lewis Driskell, about his experience with the civil rights leader before the world knew his name. Also featured is Judge Jennie Barkey, who presides over the Mental Health Court. She’s a genuine asset to our community and the only word to describe this story is inspiring. And, we did some Q & A with Patrick McInnis – a mega-success story and strong Flint supporter. Our “My Haps” pages include coverage of the Greater Flint Sports Hall of Fame 2014 induction ceremony. I was happy to witness my good friend Steve Smith, a football superstar both locally and at U of M, receive this honor. Now, he’s watching his two kids excel at sports … another story for another day.

As you flip through, don’t miss “We Resolve” – we’re honored to share New Year’s resolutions from a group of community notables. I’m sure you made your own – share it with us on Facebook!

As we all enter the New Year, let’s resolve to reach out to those in need … and take good care of our city.


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