From the PublisherMarch 2024


Dear Readers,

As I write this letter, one would think spring has already arrived – I think most of us feel like we got a much-appreciated “pass” from Mother Nature this winter. I’m sure there are some snow enthusiasts who would not agree …

I think we can all agree that one of the most talked about topics – especially since the pandemic – is our kids’ education. Over the years, we have highlighted many, many organizations and people in Greater Flint who are dedicated to guiding the future well-being of kids in our local communities. This month, we profile two such individuals – award-winning school counselor Vanita Wilson, and Michigan’s winningest high school hockey coach Doug Towler. Also featured are the Flint Engagement Center, working to reach young people who have become disconnected from education; and the Flint Public Health Youth Academy, encouraging students to pursue public health careers and address health equity in the community. Different missions with a common goal to improve academic outcomes.

Another feature shines light on a group founded by two moms who realized our community lacked socialization opportunities for young adults with intellectual disabilities. This story came to us as a reader suggestion; check out “Xceptional Heroes – A Common Bond”. And, we talked to local filmmaker Lance Johnson about his documentary, “Remembering Flint Central”. Its Flint Institute of Arts debut sold out! Wrapping up the content are health, style, food and our great contributed columns.

We’re so grateful to those who choose to support our monthly efforts to create a top-quality local publication. They’ve kept My City in your mailbox, so I hope you support them in return!

As spring is upon us, let’s celebrate making it through another winter and look forward to enjoying some great times in Greater Flint.

Thanks for reading,


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