Innovations in Radiation Oncology McLaren-Flint


Hesham E. Gayar, MD, Chairman of Radiation Oncology and Associate Medical Director of the Karmanos Cancer Institute at McLaren-Flint, has fostered the establishment and innovations of radiation oncology at the medical center since 1990. He has been influential in building one of the most advanced, innovative, high-quality and research-oriented radiation oncology programs in the country. He brought radiation oncology research to the area and was instrumental in bringing innovations and new technology to the field of radiation therapy.

One such innovation is Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT), which he began in the late 1990s. This technique spares normal tissue unnecessary exposure to radiation. In addition, Dr. Gayar, in 2004, was the first to bring TomoTherapy image guidance technology to the state of Michigan. TomoTherapy allowed, for the first time, 3-D positioning of the radiation target and precision delivery. “It is important when delivering such precise, focused radiation, to accurately confirm the patient position, and the location of the target using three-dimensional imaging prior to treatment,” he explains.

Under Dr. Gayar’s leadership, McLaren-Flint’s radiation oncology program has grown to include a large team of highly skilled radiation oncologists and cancer care professionals, who provide services through state-of-the-art technology at cancer centers in Flint, Owosso and Lapeer.

Dr. Gayar brought radiation oncology research to the
area and was instrumental in bringing innovations
and new technology to the field of radiation therapy.

Among the latest advancements, Dr. Gayar was the first in southeast Michigan to introduce SpaceOar Hydrogel placement for prostate cancer. This procedure completely spares the rectum unwarranted radiation side effects by displacing the rectum from the prostate with a temporary gel that dissolves after six months. “Since I have started using SpaceOar Hydrogel, my prostate cancer patients have no rectal burn, side effects or complications,” Dr. Gayar reports. At this time, he is the only radiation oncologist in Flint performing the procedure. Another innovation on the horizon is state-of-the-art, next-generation, image-guided proton therapy.

While Dr. Gayar and his colleagues maintain a high-evidence-based, advanced-quality practice, they are currently working with their team to integrate the Karmanos Cancer Institute program with standardized clinical pathways across the system to establish the highest quality of cancer care and to prepare for future health care changes. “It is now important not only to deliver the highest quality, most advanced cancer therapy, but also at the lowest possible cost,” he concludes.

A board-certified radiation oncologist, Hesham E. Gayar, MD, attended medical school at Alexandria University, completed a residency at St. Vincent Hospital and a Fellowship at Ohio State University. He currently serves as the Vice President of the Particle Therapy Society in North America (PTCOG-NA) and also serves in the International Particle Therapy Co-Operative Group as a member of the steering committee and the education committee.



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