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“This community showed up to support Hurley in ways beyond innovative and kind with unique donations daily. One donor did an iPad drive for use of telemedicine and communication with loved ones. 3D printed face shields, mask extenders and gowns were received from large organizations down to high school students. I received calls from Flint natives in Georgia, Chicago and New York City who made multiple food donations as they too had a Hurley story to share. Sending potential donors to our local restaurants, owners like Scott Sassack of Great Harvest, Kirk and Tom at Luigi’s, Jerrid Heidel of Blackstone’s and many more stepped up, donating and matching out of their own pockets. CS Mott Foundation provided grant funding for local restaurants to supply enough food to feed all three shifts of our COVID units and multiple departments daily. It was incredible to get a large PPE donation from a former volunteer who works in a medical supply company that felt connected to our organization enough to make us the first stop for donations.  Everyone has a Hurley story and this has been a true testament to the reach this wonderful organization has in this community and an everlasting effect on those who Hurley has touched.”

Jordan Brown, Director of Volunteer
Services and Programs

“We are truly humbled by the outpouring of support from our community amidst COVID-19 and this uneasy time. Hurley Medical Center remains committed to providing the safest and highest level of care for our patients in Genesee County and the surrounding communities. While we managed through this virus and its effects on the community, people, businesses and other nonprofits all stepped up to support Hurley through donations of catered food, PPE, snacks, monetary gifts, participation in an emergency blood drive, as well as a myriad of morale boosting efforts that kept our staff energized. We pride ourselves in being here for you and during this time of need we felt that our community had our back. As we all adjust to a new normal, Hurley is trusted, safe, and most importantly ready to meet your healthcare needs.”

Michael Burnett, President, Hurley Foundation

Dr. Michael Jaggi
Chief Medical Officer and
Director of Emergency Services

“From Day One of the pandemic, Dr. Jaggi was boots-on-the-ground to coordinate, teach and help. He willingly took in input and information from a variety of sources as decisions needed to be made. While taking the situation seriously, he kept a sense of humor. Because he is double-boarded in both emergency medicine and internal medicine, he is able to see the appropriate path of the patient from our front door through the inpatient setting.

“Dr. Jaggi’s work with our residency training programs gave him great credibility with, and thus, cooperation from, our resident physicians as their training world was turned upside down. His clinical credibility served him well, since there was ever-changing national guidance on which we traditionally rely. He was able to sort through all of this and apply appropriate guidelines to our scenarios.”

Peggy Agar. Marketing/Social Media Specialist
Hurley Medical Center


“As Hurley’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jaggi was the calming clinical voice that everyone looked to hear from each day as he navigated us through the emergence, the peak, and then the steady state of the COVID-19 crisis. As the pandemic unfolded, he worked tirelessly to ensure that we were addressing issues as they arose, and lead the daily safety huddles to provide communication to the masses about how we were integrating the latest guidance from the CDC and our Infectious Disease physicians. Dr. Jaggi was made for a role like this – the perfect blend of energy, superb clinical acumen and an ability to communicate at all levels. We are so fortunate to have him as our CMO, particularly in the situation we were faced with and that continues to challenge us.”

Melany Gavulic, CEO
Hurley Medical Center


“Dr. Jaggi has the ability to work and communicate effectively with anyone. His sense of humor and astounding energy are amazing. During this crisis, Dr. Jaggi was able to bring together all aspects from cleaning the patient’s room, to ensuring providers understood guidance from Infectious Disease Physicians on treatments for COVID-19. Each morning, Dr. Jaggi leads our hospital Safety Call, with over 150 staff members participating, and he gives updates on how COVID-19 is impacting the hospital and any changes. His clear communication during these calls has guided Hurley through these uncharted times. During the pandemic, Dr. Jaggi has been the voice of reassurance and calm for Hurley.” 

Ann Newell,
Infection Control Manager 












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