GM’s Plans for New Body Facility


Since its opening in 1947, General Motors has produced more than 13 million vehicles. Although GM has received multiple awards and international recognition for its high quality, the most recent plan to upgrade the plant is a way to continue raising the bar for customer service and overall vehicle quality.

GM announced today that they are investing $877 million in order to build a new body shop for the assembly plant. The new body shop will be built near the Flint Metal Center, which will reduce transportation time between facilities when acquiring sheet metal and other parts.

GM’s Flint Assembly is the oldest assembly plant in North America. The recent investment will help improve the 883,000-square-foot general assembly area of the facility, in addition to the installation of new equipment.

General Motors’ plan completes the $5.4 billion in investments GM and the UAW announced in April of this year. These investments have given an economic revamp to the community by creating approximately 6,250 new jobs and securing 20,700 other positions.

Upgrades to the body shop are expected to begin within the first six months of 2016, with completion projected to be in 2018.


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