Bikes for Trykes “Fun Run” Was a Success


Over the weekend, the Mid-Michigan Chapter of AMBUCS held its second Bikes for Trykes/Joe’s Ride “fun run” event. The non-profit organization helps raise money for custom-made therapy tricycles for children and veterans with disabilities.

At this year’s event, which was held on Saturday, August 1st, 300 bikes were registered for the ride, and 500 people joined in the fun – which resulted in raising $10,000 for disabled children and veterans.

Jackie Mason, President of the Mid-Michigan Chapter and a participating mother says, “I am still extremely happy to be able to continuously pay it forward and forward.” Jackie would also like to thank all the sponsors, and everyone who helped or came to the event. She hopes to see everyone again next year.

Here’s to hoping this wonderful cause is even more successful next year.

Photography by Eric Dutro


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