Gift Registry Rundown


Why wait? Register for gifts as soon as you are engaged! It will help your friends and loved ones plan ahead for any pre-wedding gifting opportunities.

Get organized. Make a list of what both you and your partner have and want – as well as what you want to get rid of. Purge the old to make room for the new.

Register for what you like! Be realistic. Will you really use that $600 blender on a daily basis? Register for things you know you will use, but also register for a little more than what you think you’ll need. Be open to the possibility that you might need to use that gravy boat or crystal vase in the future.

Make the tough decisions. What color schemes do you and your partner like? What styles or brands do you both prefer? Choose what you think best reflects your personal styles, but also be practical.

Mix it up. Choose a mix of traditional and fun items, with an equal number of mid- and lower-priced items and a smaller selection of bigger-ticket items.

Keep it simple. Draw the line at two to four registries. You want to be helpful by offering your guests variety, but you don’t want to be greedy and list everything you have ever wanted.

Perk up! Ask the stores you are thinking of registering with if they offer any perks or discounts.

Think of your guests. Consider the purchasing process for people who will buy from your registry. Make online shopping an option, as well as the brick-and-mortar store. Can they order your gift by phone or fax?

Seasonal Stuff. Try not to register for items that could go out of season during the duration of your engagement. Things may go out of stock, or stores may stop selling them.

Hooray for Honeymoons! If you and your partner want memories instead of items, you can register for a honeymoon trip! Try logging onto sites like,, or, and let your loved ones know.

Ship it … Ship it Good. Ask if the store will ship your gifts to your address; it will be much more convenient for your guests.
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