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Good news for those planning to wed this year …

In 2024, the wedding world is all about celebrating love in a way that’s fun and full of personality. If you’re all about classic and traditional – that’s great! Want to go your own way and make everything a reflection of your personal style? That’s cool, too – and so on trend!

While minimonies and elopements remain popular post-pandemic, the big wedding is definitely back big time. And for those seeking inspiration, there is never a shortage of input from the “experts” about how to make your wedding unique from beginning to end. Here is a sample of what’s trending.


The Wedding Newspaper

The current protocol includes pre-invite save-the-date announcements, but this is a unique and stylish way to share your happy news. The custom wedding newspaper is a dual-purpose item; depending on the content, you can send it pre-wedding, include it in a welcome bag, or send it post-wedding as a wrap-up and thank you. The Wedding Newspaper makes for a truly memorable keepsake.

Alone Time

Some couples are opting to meet for breakfast the morning of their wedding to sneak in some quality time and set an intention for the day before the celebrations begin. Others are getting ready alongside one another and surprising their wedding party with a “first look.”


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Marseille Bleu is the 2024 Wedding Color of the Year, according to Brides magazine and

Wollwerth Imagery /

“Marseille Bleu is a dynamic, lively shade that works just as well for a formal, black-tie wedding in a major city as it does at a barefoot celebration on the beach,” Gabriella Rello Duffy, Editorial Director of Brides said in a press release. “Depending on its application, it can read classic or modern, feminine or masculine, wintry or summery.”

Supersubstd /

Sage Green is also super popular right now! The trend forecasters at Pantone® are predicting the 2024 Color of the Year – Peach Fuzz – and other pastel shades will be a top color for spring and summer. Consider bright Horizon Blue, exotic Spicy Mustard, vibrant Sun Orange, fresh Bistro Green, fiery Fiesta Red and bold Strong Blue along with earth tones for fall and winter

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Black & White Palettes

This minimalist monochrome trend creates a chic, modern and timeless vibe in everything from stationery and flowers to wedding fashion, cakes and reception decor.


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You’d love for your best furry friend to be included in your Big Day, but you’re not sure whether Rex can make it down the aisle in a tuxedo. You can incorporate your important family member into your wedding festivities in many “less intense” ways:

  • Include an image of your pet on wedding/reception welcome signage, the bar menu and cookies/favors.
  • Include a figurine in the wedding/reception decor.
  • Include them in the engagement photos.
  • Mention them in your wedding vows.

Pro Tip: If your pet will be at the wedding, hire a pet sitter to help – eliminate some pressure on the wedding party and ensure your pet is well-cared for while you’re celebrating.



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No, they’re not a new thing; but the visual options they offer are making them more popular every year. Drones can capture so many dramatic angles – especially for outdoor ceremonies – like your first kiss seen from above with your loved ones surrounding you. Many photographers and videographers offer aerial photography as part of their wedding packages.

The Highlights

The wedding day often flies by in a flash, leaving you with only a hazy recollection of the fun and magic. If only you had a recap of the action … Enter the Sizzle Reel! Your videographer can create a high-energy, 90-second snippet of your wedding video with clips of everything from your vows to your last moments on the dance floor. Ask your videographer to include this must-have memento!

Film & B/W

Ishan Seefromthesky on Unsplash

Film photography adds a magical element to the beauty of a wedding day, especially in natural light. And while they are undoubtedly very flattering, black & white photos also add a dramatic and nostalgic element.

Content Creator

If you’re all about “in the moment” photos and footage (you know, for Insta and Tik Tok), this new wedding service is worth exploring. The Content Creator shoots behind-the-scenes on a phone, then uploads content in real time to social media you have chosen. This way, you and your wedding party can ditch your phones and be present for all the special moments.


The Bride

Trends include:

  • Classic Silhouettes
  • Princess Ball Gowns
  • Minis
  • Pantsuits
  • Bold Party Looks
  • Black
  • 3D Florals
  • Pastels
  • Vibrant Florals for Moms
  • One-shoulder Designs
  • Square & Scoop Necklines
  • Capes
  • Ornate Sleeves
  • Split Skirts
  • Voluminous Veils
  • Multiple Looks

It’s all about personal style – as it should be!

Convertible Dresses / Removable Pieces

Tetiana /

Create a “second look” moment without the full outfit change! Opt for a design that features multiple pieces such as chic, detachable sleeves to take off after the ceremony, a removable overskirt to add volume or a feminine tulle wrap to wear for photos.


paulrichstudio /

Mismatched styles and florals are still on-trend, as well as a chic, sophisticated look that’s both classic and modern: black bridesmaids dresses. Black is timeless, elegant, slimming and versatile, allowing bouquets and accessories to shine. Plus, the contrast to the white gown of the bride makes her even more the visual focal point.

The Groom

Trends include:

  • Hats
  • Lapel Pins
  • Floral Lapels
  • Textured Fabrics
  • Velvet
  • Well-fitted Look


Bold Colors

Andrej /

The white suit or tux are still right up there, but he’ll be extra dashing in vibrant hues such as brilliant cherry red, plum, dark purple and burgundy tones, like a soft rose (yes, that’s pink!) If he’s more subdued, dark greens, green-blues, terracotta and light blue are becoming increasingly popular.

Floral Prints

Grooms wanting to add fun and make a statement with their wedding day attire are choosing floral shirts, pocket squares, socks and jackets.


tsezarina /

From chic statement bows on dresses and cakes, to delicate ribbons on invitations and table settings, incorporating this whimsical detail adds a touch of romance.


Vasil /

Pearls on veils, gloves and cakes, pearls embroidered on dresses … pearl details add a timeless and feminine touch.


Bye-bye, naked cakes! Trends for 2024 are all about turning your cake into an impactful conversation piece. It’s taking center stage as a vital part of the decor – with cascading flowers and natural elements or extra-tall with lavish embellishments, the displays are next-level. Think of the cake-cutting photo ops!

tonefotografia /

Trends include:

  • Signature Mocktails
  • Street Foods
  • Family Style Meals
  • Farm-to-Table Dinners
  • Dessert Tables
  • Late Night Snacks 

yganko /


fotosr52 /


Two words: Go big! And, mini-bouquets are still popular, as well … what to do?
It’s all about making a statement: big flowers and bold, unexpected color combinations are on trend.


Color explosions are dramatic and fun, but nothing says wedding like wall-to-wall white and a variety of blooms in a single color is both striking and elegant.


Accenting centerpieces and tablescapes with unique, organic non-floral elements like fruit, herbs and moss adds a natural vibe. Super trendy right now: mushrooms!

Oversized Arrangements

Giving a sculpture vibe, these focal creations transform a space with maximum impact. Think tall blooms with lots of height and dimension. Balanced on pedestals and columns, hanging from the ceiling or covering a wall, the display options are nearly endless.

Holly /


  • Eco-Friendly & Sustainable
  • Micro Wedding
  • Bohemian Chic
  • Vintage Glamour
  • Rustic Elegance
  • Modern Minimalist
  • Tropical Paradise
  • Classic Romance
  • Celestial-Inspired
  • Cultural Fusion



Aleksandrs Muiznieks /

On Trend:

  • Ceremony Friday,
  • Party Saturday
  • Bold Colors
  • Neon Pops
  • Retro Vibes
  • Luxe Lounge Seating
  • Champagne Towers
  • Recycled Decor
  • Locally-sourced Food


Dress Code

You’ve carefully chosen the looks for you and your wedding party; many couples are guiding the aesthetic of their event by requesting that their guests also show up in specific attire – “wear something red” or “no black suits.”

The Second Look

TetianaRUD /

Many brides wear multiple outfits during the wedding day – a ceremony gown, reception dress, something fun for the grand exit. Trend Alert: Grooms are doing it, too! Changing their outfit for the reception – such as a dinner jacket, maybe sneakers – and something fun for the exit allows them to not only show their style, but also be comfortable throughout the event.


Recovery Lounge

Usman /

So, your Big Day was an unforgettable experience! Beautiful ceremony, exciting reception – your bridal party and special guests showed up for you in a big way and they deserve to have a good morning after, too. While the typical post-wedding brunch is still a nice option, consider something that offers something they will appreciate and remember: A Recovery Lounge. Help them re-charge with high-protein breakfast tacos and a vitamin-rich smoothie. Perhaps arrange services to administer chair massages and super-hydrating IV drips. There will be plenty for everyone to download and talk about – some casual quality time to stretch the celebration in a unique way.

Igor /

Remember, these are just trends; the most important thing is to craft a wedding that reflects your unique love story and makes you and your partner happy. So don’t be afraid to get creative, personalize the details and have fun with it!


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