Trends … or New Traditions?


When planning their weddings, many couples feel they have to do things a certain way because it’s just the way you’re “supposed to” do it! While “classic” can be a great go-to (it’s classic for a reason, right?) it’s become much more “okay” to step outside the box and let your personalities guide the vibe of your Big Day. Celebrate in your own way – it’s about YOU!

Congratulations … And off we go!


The 2023 brides seem to be choosing between two styles: timeless and daring. Both offer the opportunity to make a memorable statement on their most special day.

A wedding dress doesn’t need to be a ball gown to make an impact. Trends indicate a shift toward simpler, barer silhouettes, sheer fabrics, relaxed shapes and ball gown styles in heavy, plain satins without over-embellishment. Also gaining popularity are royalty-inspired mock neck silhouettes and heirloom separates – two-piece looks that make a bold statement.

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Brides are expanding their horizons to an array of soft pastels.

Blue is the new pink!

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Sheer Fabrics

Bold and barely there designs create drama.

These looks also incorporate the sheer fabric trend:

mulugeta wolde /

Elaborate Ballgowns

For brides looking to feel like the belle of their ball!

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High-Slit Skirts

Sleek silhouettes for bolder brides.

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Shorter Veils

Create a starlet vibe – think Audrey Hepburn and Ariana Grande.

sonyachny /


Adding a sense of soft romance that can modernize any look.

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The Curated Wedding Wardrobe

The idea is to assemble several white outfits and accessories that will take the bride through every wedding event, both pre- and post. The current trend is to include an after-party mini-dress in the collection.


Topping the list of colors for 2023 is green, such as emerald, paired with blush pink, light blue and silver. Neutral-colors are trending (champagne, ivory, white) in bridesmaid dresses, as well as luxe fabrics like silk, satin and velvet. And “mismatched” styles – whether it’s color or silhouette – are perfect for allowing individuality among the attendants.

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It’s about simplicity – grooms choosing simpler and lighter outfits rather than the full-out tux. Most opt for traditional styles in shades of black, navy or dark gray for formal or fall/winter weddings, and lighter shades of blue or tan for casual or spring/summer. Monochrome beige and brown are popular, as well. Rather than white, fresh colors and nature-driven palettes make a statement and look great in photos, too!


While minimalist (“naked”) wedding cakes and alternatives such as cupcakes are still popular, traditional multi-tiered, extra-grand cakes are back. The trend features fancy piping details and custom crests, spun sugar threads, structural swirls, sugar flowers and butterflies, and vintage-inspired Lambeth-style piping. Also popular: lace fondant patterns, bow accents and ruffled buttercreams that create a wedding gown look.

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Dessert Tables

Mini-desserts are still a very popular option, offering variety and a beautiful addition to the reception space décor.

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Champagne Tower

This classic celebration functions as both décor and entertainment! Recalling an era of glamor and opulence, it makes for great photos. Some couples have the tower displayed and ready when guests arrive at the reception, others pour it after the toasts, dinner or cake-cutting ceremony.


This year’s top choices will include unique flowers, single varieties used en masse and lots of locally-grown, seasonal flowers. Blooms that are in season are at their peak of beauty and also more sustainable.

alipko /

Pops of Color & Succulents

This bouquet takes a cue from the 2023 Pantone® Color of the Year: Viva Magenta.

shunevich /

Dramatic Arches

Flower arches and backdrops create a focal point at the ceremony, and also enhance reception décor as a frame for a dessert table or a beautiful photo booth backdrop.

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Petite Bouquets

Why not? They’re easier to handle and dance with, and they don’t hide your face or your dress in photos!

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Flowers in Her Hair

No, not a flower crown … soft braids featuring delicate florals are the perfect little detail.


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The resurgence of weddings has given the travel industry a major reprieve! Experts say couples want to take longer trips that combine multiple destinations. Here are a few more honeymoon trends:

Put It On Pause

Rather than jetting off right after the reception, many couples are taking some much-needed “downtime” after the wedding excitement, especially if they are planning a more complex itinerary and longer stay in their destinations.

Luxury & Bucket List Trips

While sipping cocktails on an island is still a perfectly lovely honeymoon, travel experts report that newlyweds are planning once-in-a-lifetime, experience-based honeymoon trips to historical locales in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Honeymoon Funds

It is reported that many newlyweds are opting for a honeymoon fund rather than a traditional registry, in terms of wedding gifts. Rather than buy you a blender, your friends and family are helping you take your dream trip … how great is that?

Whether you keep it traditional or take inspiration from the trends, your wedding day can be whatever you want it to be. Making personalized and intentional choices will create an experience as meaningful as your commitment to each other.


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