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bridaldecor-2The reception venue is chosen … let the design process begin! “The venue will typically dictate the amount of décor needed and the impression a bride wants to create for her most special day,” says Cristina Eberlein of Cherished Celebrations Events.

Setting a realistic budget is another very important step. “Totally transforming a space tends to be very costly,” says Cristina. “It is important that the bride weighs the budgetary value of a less expensive venue versus what it will cost to create the look she envisions.” One aspect is the chairs and tables the venue provides – consider what it will cost to make them fit your vision. Are there walls or large areas that will need to be camouflaged?

After a venue is chosen, a color scheme or theme helps your event decorator begin to design the space. “It usually begins with the linens – kind of like the first strokes of paint on a blank canvas,” Cristina says. After the linens, it’s the centerpieces, drapery and backdrops that frame the wedding party and the cake, and help complete the final impression. “Try different looks,” advises Lorrie Sage, owner of Special Occasions in Grand Blanc. “Experiment with linens and designs to see how the elements will come together.”

When it comes to seasonal wedding trends, designers have seen it all. “We’ve done winter wonderland weddings in mid-summer and rustic-chic fall theme weddings in the spring,” Cristina says. If a bride chooses an outdoor location, there should always be a back-up plan in case of inclement weather. There are no guarantees with outdoor weddings, and guests should be comfortable. “There is only so much a decorator can do to ensure that an arch stays standing in extreme wind, or that fabric remains beautiful if it’s raining,” Cristina states.

Along with the typical glitz and glamour, metallic elements are trending with linens, centerpieces and backdrops that have sparkle and “bling.” Metallic décor gives a space a less formal, whimsical feel. Monochromatic is another trend – different shades of the same color – which is reminiscent of the ombré effect. And, the popular rustic-chic look can give a venue an intimate and “outdoorsy” feeling.

An alternative to buying brand new décor pieces is a bride-to-bride sale; former brides often sell their used wedding décor for a fraction of their original cost.

Personalization trends include incorporating the couple’s hobbies, professions, favorite sports teams, and custom monograms, according to Cristina. Some couples hire a designer to create a unique monogram that illustrates their “couple style.”

Newlyweds should consider how they will feel about the décor when they look back at their wedding photos in the future. “If your personalities are quirky and whimsical, you’ll probably look at your photos fondly if they truly express your uniqueness,” Cristina says. “But for some, simple elegance with personal touches to make it your own will be stylish, but classic.”

And finally, it never hurts to ask a decorator if a venue or vendor offers discounts during “off season.” Brides who plan to marry during peak months need to plan early and make timely deposits – it will help make the event planning process run smoothly.
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