From the Publisher Wellness 2018 Summer


Dear Readers,

Many of us struggle every day with health issues – some serious, some not, some are just annoying. While many are lucky enough to have the resources to seek answers and treatment for these maladies, others live with pain, both physical and mental. On this month’s cover is a shocking statistic about suicide: one million people take their own lives every year. Our story has an informative Q&A and great info about local educational opportunities and resources for those in need.

We have great news about a serious health issue that affects so many of us: breast cancer. McLaren has new, 3D mammogram technology, and is the first in the region to offer it. And in other hospital news, Hurley Medical Center was recently verified as mid-Michigan’s only Level 1 Trauma Center. Greater Flint residents have access to top quality health care, and we’re happy to highlight it in Wellness.

I was fortunate to again be granted access to operating rooms at both Hurley and McLaren Flint to observe more surgical procedures – see p. 40 for the latest in our exclusive “Inside the O.R.” series. We’ve already lined up more surgeries to observe – look for them in the fall. My thanks to the people at both facilities who help make it happen.

Also in this issue is the part three of the article series on obesity by Michael Kia, DO. And, we have a piece on sleep disorders, as well as info about stroke, LASIK vision correction, dental health, natural remedies, and non-surgical back pain treatment.

While we’re all inundated every day with health information from multiple media sources, I’m happy to say that the local focus of My City Wellness has been very well-received. That’s due in part to the area health care professionals who take time to write for our magazine.

I almost forgot … I’m always in need of ways to relax – maybe I’ll give Goat Yoga a try! Get your dose of warm & fuzzy.

Enjoy this issue and be well.


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