From the Publisher July 2020


Dear Readers,

My City Magazine is back!

During the pandemic, we’ve all experienced changes in our lives, including Team My City. Since most businesses that subscribe, receive or sell MCM were shut down for 90 days, we decided not to publish in May and June. But July will be a different story as businesses continue re-opening and we return to work. MCM has been working on what our business model would be like as we adopt a new normal. As you can see by this healthy issue, local businesses, subscribers and readers are supporting My City magazines in a BIG way.

In this issue, we highlight local heroes – people who risked their lives to provide the community with essential services and much more during the health crisis. From grocery stores to gas stations, the U.S. Postal Service, parcel and food delivery services, they continued working while the rest were ordered to stay home and “flatten the curve.” We’re happy to share just a few stories shared by our readers. We know there are hundreds of heroes out there! Send your story to and we will continue this feature online.

For our summer My City Wellness section (starting on p.36), we reached out for stories about local healthcare heroes. Again, this represents only a few of the many who put themselves in harm’s way to help their fellow humans. On the cover is my friend, Dr. Mike Danic, nominated as a hero by multiple people. He shares a heartfelt note of thanks to his fellow Ascension Genesys staff. We received great photos and “thank yous” from the teams at Hurley Medical Center and McLaren Flint, as well.

While much has changed in Greater Flint, we wanted to acknowledge the people and businesses that were recognized by our voters. Check out the list of 2020 City’s Choice Award winners on p.62. Other features include “Flint Family featured on HGTV’s ‘House Hunters’ and “Six Ways Flint Changed the World,” plus a little fun, food and history. And, when things start “happening” again around town, MCM will be there to cover them.

Despite the notable things that have happened here, Flint’s negative reputation has remained. I was so proud when we made the news and showed the world that our city-zens could come together to peacefully protest societal injustice. When called on to be great, Greater Flint comes through. I’m still proud to call it my hometown!

Thanks for reading,


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