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“These past several months have been unprecedented in terms of healthcare and our country at large; yet, the associates and physicians at Ascension Genesys Hospital have stepped up and answered the bell. Thank you to the frontline staff who were there for our patients in need; our physicians who collaborated across multiple specialties and who came in without being asked. Also, thanks go to our leadership team who put together the incident command structure; they have been very faithful to the cause, here daily and really contributed in a time of need. I couldn’t be prouder of the work that has been accomplished over the past few months to provide exceptional care to our communities.”

Christopher Palazzolo
President and CEO
Ascension Genesys Hospital  

“To all associates and physicians who have been on the frontlines during this pandemic crisis, you are all amazing professionals. You have cared for countless patients as if they were your family members. Your work has been indispensable during this crisis. People are not craving for the skills of famous actors and athletes; however, those who are often taken for granted like nurses, clinical technicians, maintenance team, service and administrative associates are. They are critical to the delivery of exceptional care that we provide every day, literally saving lives. It takes a strong team to beat this disease and all of you are critical to making that team function well. Thank you all!”

Dr. Alan Janssen, Medical Director
Ascension Genesys Emergency Department

“On behalf of Ascension Genesys Hospital, I would like to thank our community at large; they were incredible with all they provided. More than 80 companies and countless individuals donated masks, gowns, shields and meals. We had lots of meals for all associates on all three shifts; it was an incredible outpouring of support. In addition, thank you to all who contributed to the Ascension Genesys Foundation hardship relief fund for our associates that has raised over $33,000 and helped 200 associates in their time of need.”

Karen Stiffler, Vice President
Ascension Genesys Foundation

Dr. Michael Danic
Ascension Genesys Anesthesiology Department

The COVID-19 crisis was a humbling experience for all healthcare workers as we attempted to save as many lives as we could. We honor those we lost with our efforts going forward, and it was a unique time when all used their expertise to help each and every patient. Every person at Ascension Genesys was a hero as they stepped into situations that were outside their comfort zones; it was the true definition of a team.


The good that was done would not have been possible without our MDAs, CRNAs, PACU nurses, SICU nurses, pre-op and PAT nurses, all nurses, respiratory therapists, surgeons, physicians, SAAs, residents, pharmacists, buildings and grounds, housekeeping, scheduling, managers, scrub techs and administrative leadership. I am tremendously grateful for my wife and children who stood by me during quarantine and offered support during both our losses and successes. I am also indebted to Christopher Ash, DO; Brian Shapiro, MD; Alan Janssen, DO and Muhammad Aboudan, MD and all members of the Medical Staff Surge committee and Incident Command who worked tirelessly to build best practices and the safest possible environment for our team. I have never been prouder to be part of a group of individuals who took action when the world did not fully understand the complexity of deadly pandemic.


“Michael was selfless, opening makeshift COVID ICUs at Ascension. He lobbied local businesses for PPE that was desperately needed. He was at the hospital 24/7 and when he was home, he was researching how to treat patients and on countless conference calls with people all over the world discussing the best way to treat and care for patients.”

Mrs. Michael (Christa) Danic


“Dr. Danic worked selflessly opening the COVID unit at Ascension Genesys Hospital. He worked 24/7, putting his health in jeopardy to ensure that his patients were very well cared for. He worked with businesses to get enough PPE for frontline workers during the pandemic, all while continuing to do his day to day job as an anesthesiologist. Dr. Danic is a true hometown hero!”

Stefanie Edwards


(L-R) Crystal Hindmon, DR. Danic, Lacy Krzeszewski


“As head of the anesthesiology department, Dr. Mike Danic worked massive overtime. In his off hours, he studied everything he could find about treatment and protocols from around the world. He helped develop PPE with his engineer brother to be used in the shortage, all the while still striving to be present for his wife and two children. I am so proud to know him.”

Susie Golbiw


“Dr. Danic has an excellent work ethic, he is friendly, a people person, committed, courageous, he CARES … and more!”

Michelle Groesser


“During COVID, Mike worked hard, helping patients over himself and creating new ideas to overcome all obstacles.”

Scott Raquepaw













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