Piece of Cake



Classic Style

A classic, smooth and simple tiered cake never goes out of style.


More and more couples are choosing cakes as unique as they are!


Country touches in a wedding are becoming almost mainstream, and a ruffled appearance is both beautiful and relaxed.


CupcakeTowerTrend Alert!

When wedding cupcakes hit the scene, they created a splash … and no wonder! More portable, more flavors, and more customizable, cupcakes offer lots of possibilities.

Fondant vs. Buttercream

When deciding on frosting type, consider the weather! Buttercream does not handle warm weather well, so if you’re planning an outdoor reception in July, consider fondant.   

Cake Count

Cake size is determined by the number of reception guests. Count on buying enough cake for 80-100% of your guest count.

Weddings were once celebrated with wedding bread, rather than cake. After cutting off of large hunk and taking a bite, the groom crumbled the rest over his bride. The wedding guests would scramble to pick up the crumbs to eat for good luck.

Cakes Created by the French Confection CAKERY


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