The Tailored Tux


To Rent or to Buy?

When it comes to this wedding formalwear decision, money is the main factor. Renting costs about 10%-30% of the price of a new tux, and those prices begin in the $300-$500 range. If you attend three or four BTO events per year, buying a tux may be worthwhile – you can wear a classic style for years and it won’t look outdated. If not, then rental is the best option for you.

Keep these tidbits in mind when choosing your wedding ensemble:

• The dealer should listen to you. If you and your bride have decided on navy blue but the salesman is pushing a white tux with tails, you’re in the wrong shop.

• The store should be able to supply you with all the accessories: bow tie, cummerbund, cufflinks, suspenders, even shoes.

Finally, have all your groomsmen get their suits at the same shop so you’ll match perfectly. And, you’ll want to accomplish this at least three months in advance.

Fit Facts

Collar: The collar should lay flat on the back and sides of the neck with no gaps or bulges.

Jacket: The bottom hem should cover the rear end and the vent shouldn’t pull open. (That means it’s too tight.)

Sleeve: The sleeve should be hemmed at the wrist bone, allowing a half inch of shirt cuff to show.

Shoulders: The jacket should hug the shoulders perfectly. If shoulder pads extend too far out from the shoulders, the jacket is too big.

Pants: Less fabric means a flatter looking mid-section, so flat-front pants are generally more sliming than pleated. The hem should break across the top of the shoelaces.

Be a Standout

Alternative Tux: You can wear a subtly different jacket from those of your groomsmen. For example, wear a white dinner jacket and put the guys in traditional black (or vice versa).

Tie One On: Boost your “all about me” factor by wearing a different colored tie or bow tie than the guys.

Vary the Vest: Pick a vest in a different color, or, wear a cummerbund and put the fellas in vests.

Showcase Your Style: Add a fashion-forward vibe with tiny touches like snazzy shoes and paisley cufflinks. Colorful socks can add some personality without making a spectacle.

Styles shown available at Meant to Be Bridal & Tuxedo Shoppe.


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