Why Pay When You Can DO IT YOURSELF? Top 10 Impactful DIY Home Projects


If you are nervous about taking the next home project step yourself, don’t fret – you are more capable than you think! Nowadays, home improvement is much easier than it used to be. Small jobs that used to take weeks or months to finish can now be done in a matter of days with minimal mess and frustration. These little DIY projects can equal big results – here are a few that once accomplished, you’ll be proud to know it was “all you.”

1. Tile a Backsplash

If your kitchen or bathroom is close to what you envisioned but seems to be missing that one little thing to pull it all together, a new tile backsplash could complete the picture. Tiles come in a variety of colors and designs so you will definitely find one to compliment your scheme and the installation can take a day’s work. Many backsplashes come ready made and tiles very rarely need cutting to size. Keep your tape measure handy and jump right in!

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2. Install Vinyl Flooring

Your floors cannot be overlooked. They are generally one of the first things that will be scrutinized by potential home buyers and can definitely make or break a room. Installing a vinyl floor can also be one of the most intimidating projects for a DIY homeowner but, really, it can be a snap. Most vinyl plank flooring is designed to “snap” together for a simple finish and trimming can be done by scoring and breaking with a standard utility knife.

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3. Paint the Front Door

Bold, bright-colored front doors are gaining in popularity and can make an immediate, dramatic change to the look of your home’s exterior. Painting the front door is perhaps the least expensive way to do it; the hardest part may be removing the door and its hardware before you begin. The type of paint you purchase is important (latex, oil, exterior, interior, glossy, etc.) and make sure to prime your door before you begin. Plan this project for a warm summer’s day.

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4. Seal Drafty Windows and Doors

Too often, this project goes overlooked by most homeowners. The fix can be as easy as applying inexpensive weather stripping. Foam tape, foil stripping, window film, door snakes, insulated curtains, or re-caulking the gaps can save you big time on energy bills and discomfort.

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5. Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Does your kitchen need a redo, but your budget is not ready? One of the smallest changes can go a long way and painting your kitchen cabinets can absolutely reinvent the look of the room. Indeed, the most time-consuming task may be the preparation such as emptying the cabinets and sanding or stripping the surfaces. A sure way to modernize your home, painting the cabinets is possibly the most cost-efficient change you can make for maximum impact. Don’t forget new hardware can also make a big difference in updating the look of your kitchen.

6. Under-Cabinet Lighting

If your kitchen still feels dark after you’ve painted your cabinets and added a backsplash, why not go all the way with some efficient and helpful under-cabinet lighting? Adhesive, battery-powered light bars and puck lights are the easiest installation there is and an extremely cheap kitchen upgrade. You will love the extra light for cooking or doing dishes and, if you want to put in a little more effort, more permanent “hardwired” under-cabinet lights can be a great selling point for potential home buyers in the future.

7. Declutter and Donate

This one is something we all should look into. We all have more than we need. For example: that box of serial, DVI and networking cables; old VHS and music cassettes; childhood games; clothes we don’t fit into or haven’t worn in five years; old shoes; magazines and books (Yeah, I said it. Are you going to read it again? Did it make an impact on your lifestyle or personality? If not, it’s time to say goodbye). Getting rid of the clutter can give you more space for decoration, a home office or a YOU space.

8. Carve Out a Home Office

Got an extra room or unused space in another room? A home office can be a great addition especially now that the “work-from-home” generation is looking into home ownership. The possibilities are endless. Convert a closet or extra bedroom, designate an unused corner or attic space – a home office can go anywhere! Find a suitable desk, add some storage, shelves or shelving unit, maybe a snazzy paperweight or two and you are done. Now, get to work!

9. Make A YOU Space

It doesn’t have to be a man cave or a she shed, it can be a simple space to relax and read or listen to that new vinyl you purchased at the garage sale. Again, it can be an entire room or just a small part of one. Decorate it with a purpose in mind (music, games, books, etc.). It’s your place at home to “get away.” Maybe make half of the office space into a fun space!

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10. Create a Container Garden

One of the quickest ways to grow your own vegetables is to just pick a container, choose a plant and find a sunny spot. Don’t worry about building a raised bed or tilling the land, just pour soil into a container and keep the plants watered. A small container garden can add cheer to the most solemn of exteriors and provides a nice talking point for visitors.







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