Weekend Fundraisers at the Cultural Center


This weekend presents an opportunity to lend support to a prized local charity, and institution.


13th Annual Community Gala – FIA

Taking place at the Flint Institute of Arts this Saturday, January 25 is their 13th Annual Community Gala. Every year the community gala, held by the FIA, is a great time to appreciate the beautiful art exhibits while enjoying a strolling dinner, live entertainment and a cash bar. This year the gala coincides with the opening of the new “Community” and “Wonderfully Made: The Artis Collection of African American Art” exhibits exploring the world of African American Art, and a celebration of Black History Month. This year visitors have the unique opportunity to vote for one of three works on loan to the museum for inclusion into the FIA collection. The art will be purchased by funds raised at the gala. The gala will begin at 6:00pm with a presentation by Dr. Kelli Morgan entitled “A Manner of Space: Black Modality in African American Art.” Dr. Morgan is the curator of American Art at the Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields.


Concert to Bring Lost Voice to the Whaley Kids

Hosted by the Lost Voices Organization, the purpose of this music festival is to raise the funds needed to bring the Lost Voice program to the kids at Whaley Children’s Center in Flint during 2020. The concert takes place on Saturday, January 25 from 7-9pm at the Flint Institute of Music. The festival will feature performances by Jill Jack, Josh White Jr., Jen Cass & Eric Janetsky, Kitty Donohoe, Sam Cooper, and Lost Voices founder Mike Ball. The Lost Voices program provides songwriting and performing workshops for young victims of severe emotional trauma. The program creates a safe environment where therapeutic breakthroughs happen that can transform young lives torn apart by abuse and suffering.


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