Trend The Pop-up Wedding


A lavish, fairytale wedding is not for everyone. Some couples would rather spend the money on their honeymoon or buying their first home. Often, a couple just wants simplicity – in planning, the guest list, the timeline … enter the Pop-up Wedding!

Much like an elopement, a pop-up wedding typically consists of a quick ceremony involving only the couple, their witness and an officiant. The biggest similarity is that they both require much less time, stress and energy to plan.

When it comes to the venue, there is infinite flexibility – anywhere from a landmark in the couple’s hometown to an exotic destination. Many choose a public place like a sporting event, a carnival or the grocery store where they met. In any case, it’s a legit affair on a small scale – the perfect choice for the couple that wants the details that make a wedding day special without the months of planning AND the expense.

The couple is involved in styling the venue, creating a guest list (usually between 4-20 people), and choosing other details such as flowers, food and photography. A pop-up wedding often takes place on a weekday or a weekend during off-peak seasons. Occasionally, the wedding is kept a complete surprise from attendees until the very last moment – who doesn’t love a surprise party?

It’s all about unexpectedness – the random onlookers excited to witness your marriage, the noises of the surroundings. The key to embracing the pop-up wedding experience is an authentic sense of adventure.



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