Trend The Eco Wedding


When it comes to wedding themes, we may be entering the new “Roaring 20s”, but to truly reflect the unbridled excess of that decade would be a nuptial faux pas. Today’s couples are embracing an eco-friendly style that treats the environment with respect. You can have the lavish wedding of your dreams, all while taking a few steps to make sure it’s natural, bio-degradable and leaves no mess.

Ready to learn how to have a sustainable wedding? To help you plan, we’ve rounded up ten eco-wedding ideas. Try one (or all) of these small changes to do some good for the environment on your wedding day. (You’ll win some major karma points with Mother Nature!)

  •  Print invitations, place cards, itineraries, etc. on recycled paper.
  •  Donate your used décor items.
  •  Create an eco-friendly or charity registry for your guests.
  •  Plan an outdoor wedding and use all-natural lighting and landscapes.
  •  If you use live flora for décor, choose those that can be replanted.
  •  Rent your décor, don’t buy.
  •  Consider plated dinners to reduce food waste, or donate leftovers if permitted.
  •  Use biodegradable “throw” (flower petals) for your exit toss.
  •  Book an eco-friendly honeymoon with resorts that practice sustainability.
  •  Volunteer together and donate honeymoon time to a good eco cause.

If a sustainable world is important to you and your partner, don’t sacrifice your ideals at an altar of wasteful opulence – Think Green and have a wonderful celebration!




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