The Grout Doctor



Mottled, unsightly grout driving you batty? Call ‘the doctor’: Andrew Wittenberg, a native of Flint who brought the ‘cure’ for sick grout to Genesee County last August. “Commercial cleaners are full of solvents and wax, which build up on grout. Steam and bleaches can deteriorate grout, but scrubbing alone will not get it clean,” said Andrew. And while The Grout Doctor also cleans by hand for the best results, his environmentally friendly product makes quick work of nasty scum. For older grout that will not come clean, there’s color seal, a process that freshens and recolors grout. “Our niche is revitalizing existing tile, grout, and stone installations,” he said, “something that stone/tile contractors will not even touch because it is difficult, specialized work.” In addition to grout cleaning and repair, Andrew also specializes in stone, marble, granite and tile care, working with each customer to ensure high-quality, satisfactory results.


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