DUN-RITE Lawn Care, Snow Removal & REO Maintenance



For the last five years, DUN-RITE Lawn Care, Snow Removal & REO Maintenance of Flushing has been doing it right! DUN-RITE provides lawn care, landscaping and snow removal with such satisfactory results that the company has exploded in size. “We’ve grown over 25 percent in the last three years, and doubled our size in the last two!” exclaimed Erik Dunigan, Owner. DUN-RITE is a full-service grounds-keeping management company that serves a large number of area commercial businesses. According to Erik, DUN-RITE is in the process of purchasing new, environmentally friendly equipment. “It is our goal to have our entire fleet switched to eco-friendly equipment by the end of 2014,” he says. DUN-RITE is known for loyalty and honesty, which keeps customers coming back. “We do the job right the first time at competitive prices,” Erik promised.


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