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The sounds of bells ringing and the scent of new shoes straight out of the box remind me of the first day of school. I’ll never forget the feeling of excitement that kept me awake the night before that special day. August and December are the months when newspapers have the kids’ attention with the back-to-school sale inserts … we want it ALL!

This is the time when summer comes to a close and football games begin. How will YOU prepare to win this school year? These tips will help:

1. Be confident. It is so very important that we, as a community, not only equip children with the tools they need for school, but also the confidence to succeed. They need to know that they are special and that clothes don’t make them who they are. Children (and adults) need to know that they are powerful and that their thoughts and opinions matter.

2. Believe in your unique style. As you begin this school year, you’ll see many fashion trends. Don’t just follow the trends – instead, incorporate them to enhance your personal style. There is no one else like you, and that’s why you’re amazing!

3. Dream outside the box. This year, I want you to forget what happened during the last school year. Start fresh! Know that your dreams are important and they are not farfetched because of your location. No matter where you’re from, you can achieve it.

While preparing these trendy and stylish looks with must-have pieces from local shops and designers, I asked them to offer advice to students preparing for back-to-school.

Here are wise words to win by:


“It’s okay to sit at the table and eat lunch sometimes by yourself. Get the most out of each day.”
Shatarian Oliver, Flint – Designer of SIX22GM


“Don’t take anything too seriously. A solid GPA sprinkled with the “eye of the tiger” on finishing college will elevate and lift you higher than any platform heels can.”
Deria Brown, Flint – Owner of Glam Box Boutique


“Don’t worry so much about what other people think – it’s really not their business. Focus on what makes you happy and strive to do your best!”
Nadia Gilmore, Flint – Stylist, More.Moda.Mode



1 | Pair your high-socks and shorts with your favorite gym shoe for a nice and fashionable lounge look this school year.

2 | Local designers are waiting for your support. This look was created by a Flint native and can be found at

3 | This look can easily be created with menswear classics! Thermal hoodie and a quilted vest paired with bleached cargo jeans and the ultimate laptop backpack which can be found at

4 | It’s the season for denim, chokers and ruffles! Grab standout tops and footwear at and accessorize with trendy pieces from

5 | Printed tees are a must-have! Support this local t-shirt brand at and find comfortable loungewear to match at

6 | Roses are red, and yes – florals are for boys, too! Pair a floral with distressed jeans and trendy sneakers from

Photography by Eric Dutro


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