My City Speaks…


mycityspeaks [twocol_one]”Took the weekend and read My City cover-to-cover: I get it now. Young and old, affluent and struggling, social calendar and business promotion … it’s all here. I love it!
Randall Thompson

“Wow! Wow! Wow! Thanks for the first class spread on Uncle Ray’s. FABULOUS!!”
Dave Durant

“Absolutely first class. The photography is wonderful.
Nancy Kelsey

“Enjoyed having my daughter featured as a Gates Scholar … Go Flint!
Robert Stith[/twocol_one] [twocol_one last]”I admit I’ve been apathetic about Flint these days. My City Magazine has been able to shine a bright light through a dark shadow for me, and because of this I’m enthusiastic to once again be a part of everything positive Flint has to offer, and I invite everyone to share in my enthusiasm!
Will Stiverson

“I love your magazine, Vince. We took it to Charlevoix to show our Flint friends. They were very impressed with all that’s going on in Flint. Be sure to send Michael Moore a copy!”
Gloria VanDuyne

This is the Flint I want people to know about!”
Cheval Samuels


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