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While writing this letter, it suddenly hit me: this is already the third issue of My City Magazine! This project started over a year ago and the saying, “Time flies when you’re busy” is a gross understatement. My team and I have been pulled in every direction attending the many events that were offered up in July by this amazing city and the surrounding communities. Sure, we all had a lot of fun; but the purpose was to share our experiences with you by presenting more great stories and images you won’t find anywhere else.

Since our July issue hit the streets, I’ve been so proud to receive a flood of emails, text messages, letters and voicemails applauding our team and expressing appreciation for our content and for giving the city a magazine to call its own. Many have said that they read the first two issues from cover to cover and that’s very gratifying to all of us. A common thread amongst the accolades is the positivity and uplifting nature of our publication – a welcome departure from most Flint-related press that is, of course, negative. When I finally decided to invest in MCM, I felt in my heart that if I could produce a city magazine that focused on the people who are doing good things, that highlights the rich history and success stories, then maybe it could help Flint residents to realize that our city is still great. What we do each and every day as individuals to help spread the word can have a significant impact, even if it’s only telling someone you know about a story you read in this magazine that inspired you.

Again this month, we’ve got too many stories to mention here! You can read about Flint centenarian Paul Spaniola of the famous Paul’s Pipe shop, as well as a young teen who’s already accomplished something really amazing in his life. There are nine stories in our “My Downtown” section, more great “Eats” and “Arts”, hundreds of photos from the recent summer events and festivals that highlight our amazing cultural diversity. Add the third installment in our Billy Durant history series (very popular) plus some pre-coverage of the Crim and Back to the Bricks, and this is another very exciting issue. I hope you can carve out some time in your busy lives to read it ALL! I know you’ll be glad you did.

August is one of the busiest months for happenings in Flint and the surrounding communities and we’ll be working hard to bring it all to you. I hope you get to participate in these exciting events – attend, volunteer, donate – it’s a great time to be a part of Flint!

I truly hope that Team MCM is meeting your expectations in producing a city magazine that represents the best the Flint area has to offer. If there is something you feel should be part of a future issue, please email me. And remember, this is YOUR city! If you say a positive word to someone you pass by every day, you can make a difference.

My City is making a difference … are you?


Vince Lorraine, Publisher & Editor in Chief



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