From the PublisherJune 2024


Another anniversary issue – Volume 11 of My City is now (as they say), “in the books.” It’s hard to believe that we had another dozen team meetings to discuss content and met another dozen deadlines. Always working a month ahead really makes the time fly!

Since 2013, we’ve been blessed with this opportunity to highlight Greater Flint and I am proud to say that we still do it very well. I truly can count on one hand the “non-positive” comments we’ve received over the last 11 years; one man in particular made our team chuckle when he claimed there was not one thing in My City that would interest him, yet he had obviously read every issue that was delivered to his place of work! On the other hand, the abundant positive feedback about our impact on the community continues to make our efforts worthwhile.

I have always believed that our content is engaging, entertaining, informative and inspiring. I have personally been inspired by so many story subjects – including Ken Gembel, a man who is accomplishing his mission to save lives. Our “7 Questions” subject – Flint entrepreneur and running icon, Mark Bauman – could inspire YOU to get ready for the upcoming Crim race … there’s still time!

Also in this issue, we highlight a group of inspiring young people in our second annual “Greater Flint’s Top Athletes” feature. Chosen by their schools, these accomplished honorees have finished one chapter of their journeys and are beginning another. We thank the school staff who participated and congratulate all of the student-athletes.

It’s time for auto enthusiasts to gear up for the Greater Flint car season! Read about a local couple who has been collecting Model A Fords for decades, most definitely their “Passion”. And it’s also time to plan a summer trip – perhaps an island getaway? For some inspiration, read about a few of Michigan’s 35,000 islands (you read that right) located in our own Great Lakes.

Closer to home, the big “Haps” season is about to begin – cheers to summer fun!

There’s plenty more great reading to round out this issue – I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for spending time with My City.


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