Local Wedding Venues


From the serene and picturesque Genesee County parks, to elegant, one-of-a-kind spaces like the Flint Institute of Arts, to Downtown’s historic Durant Ballroom, you need not travel far to make any unique wedding dream a reality.



The Flint Institute of Arts
World-Class Setting

The Flint Institute of Arts offers brides – as well as grooms, their families and friends – a world-class setting in which to host one of the most important events of a lifetime.

No other local venue can provide works by contemporary artists like Dale Chihuly, who designed the spectacular, flower-themed, chandelier which greets visitors upon entering the FIA lobby, or masters of their genre, like Henri Matisse or John Singer Sargent. The museum’s Hurand Sculpture Courtyard offers a sleek, modern, outdoor setting, while the Bray Gallery, resplendent with its complete suite of tapestries, transports guests back centuries, all by stepping into one room. There truly is no other place in Michigan like the FIA.

The FIA is Michigan’s second-largest art museum; its collections ranging from pre-history through contemporary art in multiple categories, and from painting to kinetic sculpture. Receptions can include guided tours through one or all of the FIA’s galleries, as well as photos with work from world-renowned artists. Even the building itself is a work of art! The busiest months for this venue are November and December. You can also utilize the in-house caterer to receive a discount on your rental fees.

The desire to tie your wedding venue to a part of your history or to your love story is often a factor in choosing a location. The FIA has been such a large part of so many people’s lives, whether they took classes at the FIA Art School or had one of their first dates at the museum, it’s a space that can feel comfortable and familiar, while being equally unique and magnificent.



Genesee County Parks
Scenic & Unique

The Genesee County Parks offer multiple settings within the parks system at multiple price points. From serene settings to the charm of a quaint, turn-of-the-last-century village, these outdoor locations are more scenic and unique than a typical church or chapel.

With recent wedding trends, many themed ceremonies have been held at both For-Mar Nature Preserve & Arboretum and Crossroads Village. For-Mar is a popular option for brides looking for the more rustic, natural ambiance. Crossroads Village offers a unique setting for both ceremonies and receptions. Brides wanting a wedding with the traditional historic, Victorian-style, or vintage “shabby chic” look and feel might consider Crossroads Village as their venue.

Another option is the suspension bridge at Richfield County Park, or Stepping Stone Falls. Rental fees are typically less expensive than many popular venues, but remember: Genesee County Parks are public, and will not be closed during your event. However, the reservations staff will work with you to schedule your wedding date and a rehearsal, and attempt to avoid any conflicting events that might disrupt your special day.

Their advice to brides is to reserve the date early, as certain days and locations fill up quickly. Additionally, certain locations have rules on decorations and other restrictions – ask for specific information based on the location you choose. The busiest times are, of course, during the spring, summer and fall. And, Crossroads Village has “blackout” dates on which reservations are not available.

The Genesee County Parks can accommodate everything from an elaborate, traditional wedding with a chapel ceremony and full reception, to a simple, intimate garden wedding. When you start your preparations, call the reservations staff or visit the website to reach the appropriate staff for your venue preferences.



The Durant
Elegantly Modern

The Durant Hotel served as Flint’s premier hotel for over 50 years. Over the course of its life, it has also served the City of Flint as a grand venue for all manner of weddings, conventions, and other celebrations. Located in the heart of Downtown Flint, The Durant Ballroom – a space which allows them to do both elegant modern and traditional styles easily – combines those same sentiments in an entirely new, fresh, and exciting way to emerge once again as Genesee County’s most prominent and prestigious event venues.

The Durant provides one location for both the ceremony and the reception, so be sure to ask about the packages that come with the same location. They offer packages for non-Saturday receptions, and popular brunches on Sundays.

With an excellent service staff and customized menus, The Durant is a full-service venue that can offer one contract for food and planning with Epoch Events and Catering. The Durant staff are seeing an overwhelming response, and look forward to continue offering the community experience Downtown for brides.

Parking specific to The Durant is available, with seating inside up to 200 people for the ceremony and 250 for the reception venue. The Durant suggests that once the bride decides on a date, booking earlier is better. Currently, they are seeing a trend of bookings for July and autumn weddings.

For your special event, The Durant offers unique and stunning facilities to create an unforgettable experience. From your elegant wedding to the reception, you and your guests will enjoy the historic beauty and distinctive spaces of the newly-renovated Durant.


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