The Beauty Is in the Details


As is true for almost anything, what makes something unique lies in the details. The deeply personal touches you put on your wedding celebration will be what you cherish … and what you hope your guests will never forget.

For the Ceremony

Hire a professional (or someone you know) who is good with graphic design to create a custom monogram that is unique to you and your betrothed. It can be featured in many aspects of the celebration: the invitations, ceremony program, or even the cocktail napkins at the reception.

Have a friend or an in-law whom you want to include, but there’s no room in the bridal party? Choose a prayer or a poem you love and have them read it during the ceremony. If they’re musically inclined, they could perform a song during the ceremony or the reception (make sure they are comfortable in front of a crowd!).

If a loved one has passed away, light a special candle during the ceremony to represent that they are still with you.

If you’re a bookworm, create your bouquet from the pages of a favorite work. Or, if you’re a music maven, carry a bouquet of flowers made from sheet music.

Not particularly fond of flowers? Try decorating the wedding and reception venues with potted trees, succulents, ferns, lavender sprigs, or other decorative leaves. They add color and an earthy vibe to the room.

When decorating for the ceremony and reception, incorporate elements that reflect where you and your partner met or became engaged. For example: if your partner proposed outdoors, under the stars, string twinkly lights above the seating areas or dance floor. Even if some of the guests don’t know your story, it can be a great conversation-starter.

For the Reception

A tech-savvy option could be a photo slideshow. If you can, show photos from photo-ops earlier in the day – that way, those who weren’t at the ceremony or the post-wedding photo shoot will be able to see images from your entire day.

Don’t forget an Instagram hashtag or a Facebook page! Display a special chalkboard that includes your hashtag for guests to take photos in front of (could also be an opportunity to display the customized monogram of your special day).

Instead of high-tech, go the opposite route and have an “unplugged” wedding; while the professional photographer snaps away, provide instant cameras for your guests to use instead of cell phones and digital cameras. This can make it more personal, more special – living in the moment, rather than stuck behind the lenses.

Serving a “signature drink” during cocktail hour can help to set the tone of the party.



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