It’s National Taco Day!! October 4th, 2019


It may possibly be the best day for food. It’s National Taco Day so make sure to partake in the world’s greatest morsel. The origin of the taco is a mystery. Many claim that the taco was given to man by the Gods themselves as a reward for good behavior and for throwing some pretty sweet fiestas. Others believe that the taco is and always was a part of the life, universe and everything and always will be – it is both omni-present and eternal.

Historian Jeffrey Pilcher from the University of Minnesota claims that the taco began in the Mexican Silver Mines in the early 19th century, and NOT delivered by the Gods of amazing snacks and lunches. Pilcher builds his hypothesis on the fact that the first taco was named “taco de minero” which translates to “mean miner’s taco.” The word “taco” originally referred to pieces of paper that miners would wrap around gun powder for blasting. It’s popularity in these United States is attributed to the birth of Taco Bell in 1962.

Regardless of its origin (ha, ha, good try Pilcher. We know the truth. Tacos are cosmic, man), the taco is here to stay and is everyone’s favorite. Last year alone Americans ate over 4.5 billion tacos. If a large group of people ate 1,000 tacos every hour it would take 513 years to eat that many. Anybody want to sign up?

Wrap yourself in the warm shell of goodness today. Have a taco.


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