Halloween DIY Style


Attention Halloween fans: It’s time to dress-up and have fun! Before you go out and break the bank on a costume, let me show you how you can “shop your closet” and create a special look no one will forget!

Step One: Choose a theme. We chose Día de los Muertos, or the “Day of the Dead” – we made it a kind of “glam spooky” look.

Step Two: Grab a couple pictures of costumes you love that fit this theme and compare the look to the pieces you have in your closet. For our look, we saw two things that stood out: floral and corsets. I chose two dresses from my own closet that not only highlighted these details, but were amazing fall trend must-haves: floral/red dress, black shawl, black heels and a corset style dress with lace detail. These are all pieces you can wear for fall!

Step Three: Grab your glue gun, body paint and DIY accessories to create a makeup look that pops! For this look, we made a headpiece using items we found at the local dollar store. Enlist the help of a body-paint artist, or do your best to recreate a bold face makeup look to complete your DIY costume. Pinterest is a great place for inspiration.
Step Four: Take lots of pictures and have fun!

Fall FAshion Tip: Buy smart – don’t just buy an item because it’s on sale. Choose classic styles and add some trendy, stylish pieces and accessories to complete your looks. Shop your closet when dressing for this season’s festivities and you’ll be both stylish AND savvy!
Model: Autumn Fields
Makeup by Chanel Smith of Nelly’s Body Art

Photography by Eric Dutro


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