From the Publisher June 2017


Dear Readers,

Front and center in this Fourth Anniversary Issue are the results of the 2017 City’s Choice Awards – one of our favorite things about spring. We received nearly 23,000 votes – amazing! All the winners are listed in this issue. Congrats to all!

One of the City’s Choice categories in the Food & Drink section is “Favorite Burger Place,” and the ballots included over 50 different Greater Flint eateries. Check out the list of vote recipients on. We challenge you to try them all!

Access to nutritious food is not a reality for many Flint residents, and the great people running the Flint Fresh Mobile Market are changing that. And, be sure to read the piece on Genesee County’s Girls Court, a program devoted to helping at-risk girls avoid victimization. Judge David J. Newblatt and a dedicated team of community leaders are making it happen.

We’ve been following the progress of Downtown’s Factory One and Factory Two, both a part of the city’s ongoing revitalization – very exciting!

I’m inspired by so many of our stories, and it’s a privilege to share them. We ask readers and followers to nominate people for the “My Hero” and “My Giving” features, and the two women in this issue are truly deserving. Inspiring on another level is our “My Outreach” piece on my friend, Sheila Crider, “The Yoga Preacher”.

It’s always cool to see my friends in this magazine! One in particular, Peter C. Cavanaugh, has been featured a few times and penned articles for us. He’s a true Flint rock and roll radio legend who I worked with – and learned from – back in the late 70s at WTAC. Read the great “My Music” piece.

Beyond great is our “My Sport” story! Olivia Bennett is a Powers Catholic superstar who will begin an exciting journey this summer – at West Point. Wow! If you want to feel like a slacker.

Of course, you’ll find a variety of engaging topics in the monthly columns offered by our group of insightful professionals and public figures. And, don’t miss “My Haps” – MCM was present at many early spring events to capture the faces of those who support all the great causes in Greater Flint.



vince3 Vince Lorraine, Publisher & Editor in Chief




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