From the Publisher January 2021


Dear Readers,

Happy New Year!

Cheers to waving 2020 goodbye! (I have another hand gesture in mind.)

Typically, our January issue highlights a selection of stories from the previous year. Team My City was so disappointed to be unable to produce magazines in May and June due to the state-mandated COVID shutdown. And while our past January covers have featured the winner of our “Greater Flint’s Best Dressed” campaign, we decided last fall wasn’t an appropriate time for it, and we couldn’t really do it safely. But, we finished out the year strong and hope you enjoy our look back at many of the great and inspiring stories. There’s so much, you may have missed something! Our annual Year in Review.

We begin the New Year with a sad story about the recent closing of St. Michael’s Church – Flint’s oldest Catholic church. Many MCM readers share their fond thoughts and cherished memories about their time going to school, worshipping and celebrating life at St. Mike’s. It’s tragic to see places of worship, not only in Flint, but throughout the country, forced to close their doors to those who need them more than ever.

This month’s “My Community” pieces focus on folks who are connecting people with resources they need: the Institute of R.H.Y.M.E.S., Flint’s Future is Female, and Flint Innovative Solutions. While their goals may differ somewhat, they share a common mission to help people succeed and live better lives. We also profile Old Newsboys Executive Director,Tony Tucker, who is no stranger to helping people and has embraced his important role in the community.

We often get feedback on the variety of our content, and it’s something we choose with much consideration. My team and I enjoy finding stories about local food, arts, hobbies, sports and much more. I always appreciate the thoughtful columns written by our dedicated group of contributing writers, as well. We have a fun quiz to test your level of experience with all things Flint, and our popular “History of Genesee County” series wraps up with Clio and Montrose.

MCM Subscribers also received the winter issue of My City Wellness this month. Enjoy!

I wish you a year of good health, peace and prosperity.


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