Date Night Style


Whether you loathe or embrace Valentine’s Day, it’s hard to deny the love in the air during this season. Just as important as choosing the right gift for your love is picking the perfect look for the “Date Night of All Date Nights.” While there are plenty of opportunities during the year to express your style casually, I suggest pulling out all the stops for your special night on the town.

To help us illustrate creative Date Night outfits, we enlisted the help of a beautiful couple who lives in the heart of Downtown Flint. Matt Potter and Taura Williams met on Facebook and have been dating since September 2014. When I asked about their personal styles, Matt described his as “very laid back” – think band t-shirts, jeans and sneakers. Taura likes to have fun with her style; on any given day, her look can be described as “punk rock,” “skater” or “pin-up” inspired.

While brainstorming Valentine’s Day looks for this couple, I wanted to be sure to infuse their personal style while elevating it to a dressy, Date Night vibe. Valencia Shanelle, a local designer and recent graduate of Northwood University, was able to bring my Valentine’s Day vision to life for Taura with this custom-made, dramatic, floor-length skirt that is nothing short of fantastic.

It’s such a fun and feminine skirt – I wanted to give it some edge by pairing it with a leather jacket. We found the jacket along with her warm, comfy turtleneck sweater at Macy’s, and finished it off with a bit of sparkle with jewelry from Unique Exquisite High Fashion Jewelry in Flint.

This combination of colors and textures works together, because all the pieces complement each other. Pops of color and muted tones work together seamlessly, and for Valentine’s Day, mixing red and pink adds more fun.

While styling a look for Matt, I knew that a tuxedo would be the furthest thing from his mind for a Valentine’s Date Night, but I was sure we could turn the look into something he was comfortable with. I visited President Tuxedo’s Genesee Valley store – the perfect place to go for quick and amazing options to “wow” your date.


I wanted Matt’s look to complement Taura’s without being matchy-matchy. The dark grey tuxedo option was the answer we were looking for. The surprise elements here are the sneakers and hooded sweatshirt – both found at Macy’s – that give the look a personal touch. Now, I know what you’re thinking: Really? A hoodie with a tuxedo? Since these pieces are true to Matt’s personal style, everything comes together because he’s comfortable and confident in his look. Although it may not be appropriate in all situations, when you’re out on Date Night with the one you love (or like), you should be able to have fun!

Fashion is all about having fun with the way you express yourself. So, as you prepare for Date Night this Valentine’s Day, don’t be afraid to be overdressed … don’t be afraid to think beyond the Little Black Dress. Lastly, don’t be afraid to share some love!

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day! ♦

Her Look

Black Leather Jacket by Guess
Macy’s $158

Ivory/Black Sweater by Free People
Macy’s $108

Pink Maxi Skirt by Valencia Shanelle
( $60

Necklace & Bracelet Set  Unique Exquisite High
Fashion Jewelry, Flint $48

Lip Print Pumps by INC
Macy’s $70

His Look

Grey Tux by President Tuxedo, Flint

Red-Striped Shirt by Club Room
Macy’s $53

Red Hoodie by Polo Ralph Lauren
Macy’s $98

Plaid Bow Tie by Countess Mara
Macy’s $45

Black Sneakers by Polo Ralph Lauren
Macy’s $65


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