Trend Groom’s Wedding Attire


It’s not really “all about the dress” – wedding attire is just as important for the groom. The simple tux has been replaced by suits of all styles and colors – more opportunities to highlight a groom’s individuality.

“The biggest current trend is the groom’s own look,” says Karyn Burke, Formalwear Manager, Men’s Wearhouse – Flint. “Just like the bride stands out from the bridesmaids, grooms are beginning to depart from the groomsmen’s look – with a stand-out vest or tie, or some grooms are opting for an entirely different suit. It’s becoming customary for the groom to match the bride and the groomsmen the bridesmaids. Men’s Wearhouse has a program that tailors a fresh look for every groom, from classic colors and cuts to embroidered inside pockets, for a suit that will be uniquely his.”


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The fancy fabric has found its way into weddings and the trend is due to peak in the next year. Velvet is taking men out of their comfort zones – the look can feature a gem-toned velvet blazer, bow tie or necktie. For something a little more subtle, wear some velvet slippers for a different walk down aisle.

Go Floral

Jazz it up with a floral print shirt or blazer. As gowns begin to involve more colors and patterns, the groom should keep up. Don’t be afraid to be bold! Wear something that will keep your guests talking.

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Cream or White

It’s time to lighten up the room. Dark colors seem to be moving on for men and as gowns become increasingly non-traditional, a white or cream suit is on-trend.


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The Vintage Hat

The Roaring ‘20s are back! With flapper-style gowns and three-piece suits in vogue again, men need the appropriate accessory. You can go straight-up top hat and tails, or opt for a smart fedora or trilby.

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The Stand-Out

Traditional groom’s attire closely resembles that of their wedding party – that day is no more. Grooms are standing out with a completely different look or with unique accessories.

The Second Look

Grooms are beginning to change the game by slipping into something a little more comfortable, yet stylish for the reception. Recite your vows in a classic tux and then show up to the reception in a colorful and unique dinner jacket, or change out of your inflexible footwear into some snazzy “boogie” shoes. Relax and have fun with it. It’s your day!



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