From the Publisher Wellness Fall 2018


Dear Readers,

This month, we focus on children’s health with a variety of articles, many contributed by local health professionals who enjoy the opportunity to enlighten the public in a quality magazine.

One piece I found particularly great is about a pilot program launched for the 2018-2019 school year called Handle With Care. This program has united several local agencies and Genesee County schools to create ways to identify and give support to kids who have experienced a traumatic situation at home. I applaud the efforts of those working together to help our most vulnerable citizens navigate through difficult times.

Like many children in our world today, Genesee County kids face some serious health issues. Genesee Community Health Center reports that 40 percent of the homeless in Genesee County are children and 60 percent of kids live below the poverty level. There are many local programs working to address these issues and others, including “Mommy Talk – Lunch On Us,” presented by Hamilton Community Health Network. We’re happy to bring awareness to their efforts with the article.

One thing we’re ALL aware of is our reliance on technology and the problems created by “screen addiction” – especially where kids are involved. In the article, “Turn Off the Screen” , we offer some tips for monitoring your child’s electronic media consumption.

Still on the subject of kids, my friend, Dr. Michael Kia, has written another article on the obesity “epidemic” in our society, this time offering ways to identify potential problems and keep your child on the right path to a healthy adulthood.

Of course, many health issues are the result of genetics – a subject that has always fascinated me. Mapping of the human genome (the complete set of genes present in a cell or organism) will continue to have a huge impact on the fields of biology and medicine. We have a very interesting article on the Human Genome Project and some of the applications of this knowledge.

There’s much more in this issue highlighting the abundance of excellent health care available in Greater Flint.

Enjoy and be well!


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