Cue the Dog! Wedding Moments


Thinking of including your pooch in the ceremony? Here’s a few hints to help make it cute, not crazy.

  1. Consider your pet’s personality. Buddy will be front and center in a room full of people. Is this something he can handle?
  2. Confirm that animals will be allowed in your wedding venue.
  3. Let your guests and photographer know that Muffin will be there. Some guests/attendants may have allergies and the photographer will be more prepared to get that fantastic shot when your pet does something spontaneously cute.
  4. Groom your pet beforehand – nobody likes a stinky chihuahua.
  5. Familiarize Buddy with the venue before the big day. This will help him feel more comfortable when the time comes.
  6. Prepare a “day bag” containing treats, grooming tools, food, toys and water.
  7. Make sure to dress your pet in something festive that also fits well and will not become a choking hazard.
  8. Consider inviting a pet sitter to the ceremony. If Mitzie is scared or acting up, the sitter can take her outside or home.


Animals are part of our families, and it’s okay that they are present on your big day. Make sure to be considerate of their needs as well as the needs of your guests.


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