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When all eyes are on the bride, she wants her gown to be reflective of the woman she is, and the woman she is about to become. There are myriad styles and trends in bridal gowns, but classic elegance will always be popular. Ivory Loft Bridal Stylist/Owner, Beth Anderson Harvey, shared some images from the gown collection she recently curated for her Fenton boutique, as well as info about the designs and her thoughts about the designers who created them.

1. & 2. Designer: Divine Atelier

This gown and cape have dotted-Swiss lace which is gorgeous and old-school. “Ahh … love this designer,” comments Anderson Harvey, “truly a mom-and-pop enterprise.” Luminița Coșleacără is the seamstress/designer, her husband is the business manager. “Her designs incorporate exquisite materials – silks, beautiful crepes and laces,” she adds.

3.Designer: Daalarna Couture
Budapest, Hungary

“This is my most couture designer,” says Anderson Harvey. She says Daarlarna dresses are showing up on red carpets and admits that the gowns are more expensive because of the materials and hand-done details.



4. Designer: Kate McDonald
Charleston, SC

“Her designs are traditional yet modern with that Southern charm.” The timeless looks are all made in USA.





5. Designer: Made With Love

Made from traditional lace and fabrics, the designs feature a more fitted silhouette with a deep plunge and open back. “My hottest designer to date!” exclaims Anderson Harvey.


6. Designer: Kite & Butterfly
Los Angeles

“Boho is still a very popular look,” she says. “These gowns are all handmade in USA, and sell at my lowest price point. They’re perfect for a barn or outdoor wedding.”

Anderson Harvey works with independent designers, which allows her to offer customization of every gown in the shop. “I believe in trusting the designer first, but if a change is wanted, it can be done,” she shares. She claims to be a “less is more” kind of girl, but also a girly-girl. “I love pretty – stripes, bows and beautiful fabric – and I believe in using real lace and high-quality fabrics from all around the world – mostly France, Italy and Spain.”

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Photos Courtesy of Ivory Loft Bridal


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