US-23 Drive-In Theater Open


Just in time for Memorial Day weekend, the US 23 Drive-In Theater in Flint opens today, Friday, May 22. However, there are some safety precautions that need to be followed, according to the theater’s Facebook page.

Normally two cars are parked between two poles. They will be operating at half capacity, so only one car between two poles. A surcharge fee of $5 will be added to each vehicle in addition to the ticket purchases. A free surgical mask will be included for each ticket purchased. The surcharge will be used cover the increased cost of sanitizing, food costs, payroll, supplies, and outside food brought in. This fee is temporary until some of the social distancing guidelines are lifted.

The Concession Stand will be open for carryout only. Two walk-up windows with glass shields will be available for taking orders. Six-feet distancing required will standing in line.

Restrooms will have every other stall open. A mask will be required to enter restrooms. Restroom attendants will ensure only a certain amount of people enter at a time, and they will sanitize throughout the night. Six feet distancing while in line.

Setting up lawn chairs outside of vehicles will not be allowed. Sitting in your tailgate or in your pick up bed is allowed. The hatch must be level with the roof of the vehicle. Bring a rope to keep it tied down.

No one can play on the grassy areas under the screens or along the perimeter.

Portable radio rentals are temporarily suspended. Bring a portable FM radio.

“We at US 23 Drive-In have spent many weeks trying to figure how we can open safely, open economically and at the same time try to find employees to staff the drive in. We will be operating at half capacity. We already know this year will be a loss no matter what we do. We also understand that we will never make everyone happy. But we love our customers, we welcome all opinions good or bad, and we read them all and take everything into consideration. This is truly what makes this the best country in the world.”


Movies for Friday, May 22 – Sunday, May 24

Gates open at 7:30pm. Movies start at around 9:15pm.

(Closed Memorial Day)
Screen 1: Trolls World Tour / Sonic The Hedgehog
Screen 2: Onward / Call of the Wild
Screen 3: The Invisible Man / The Wretched

Tickets are first come, first serve. No advanced tickets are sold.


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