The Dreaded Winter Gut


Spring is here! We’re slowly peeling away the layers of sweaters and coats, revealing what many of us fear every year – a mid-section that may have expanded a bit over the winter. If you’re looking to tone up your belly, know that “fab abs” are created in the kitchen. It’s time to kick some bad eating habits and behaviors you probably don’t even think twice about doing.
Partha’s Rx for Losing Your “Winter Gut”

1. Stop Drinking Pop

Pop not only destroys your teeth, but it increases your blood pressure and can make you gain weight. You’ll be happy you stopped drinking pop when you start seeing your stomach shrink. Diet pop is actually worse for you than regular pop, because diet pop confuses your body with artificial sweeteners. These chemical sweeteners trigger the pancreas to produce insulin, which sends your body into fat-storage mode … leading to weight gain.

2. Cook at Home

Going out to eat all the time is not good for your wallet – or your belly. Anything you order from the menu that is described as “breaded,” “fried,” “crusted” or “smothered” is typically high in fat. When you prepare meals at home, you’re likely to be using less refined fat, salt and sugars than what is heavily used in restaurants. It’s a good idea to cut down on condiments, as well.

3. Maintain a Consistent Sleep Routine

A study from Northwestern University has linked staying up late and sleeping late the next morning to weight gain. If your routine has you going to bed relatively early each week night and waking up early for work every morning, keep it that way during the weekend – your body will thank you.

4. High-Intensity Interval Training

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) not only builds muscle, but also burns more abdominal fat than steady-state cardio exercise routines. Instead of zoning out on a treadmill, combine cardio and strength training by switching between upper and lower body exercises. This is an ideal way to keep your heart rate up and boost your body’s fat burning potential.

Get serious about your health and start living the life you deserve to live!


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