Remembered Forever Memorializing Our Lost Friends


When there are no more balls to fetch, mice to chase or snuggles to give, when everything possible has been done to treat a beloved pet’s illness, the time comes when the only thing left to do is say goodbye. Our pets are our family. They grow up with us, comfort us when we are feeling down, rejoice with us in good times and love us unconditionally. We become their world and they become a large part of ours.

Mourning a pet was once taboo, the realm of a weak heart; but, today, we understand that it is the opposite. Grief belongs to those who love fiercely. When a pet has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, it is okay and normal to grieve … and to remember them in your own special way.

Here are ten unique ways to honor and remember your pet:

1. Aquatic Habitat

Help your animal friend provide habitat for nature. Mix your pet’s ashes with concrete to create an environmentally safe reef for water creatures. Did your cat love to watch your fish swim in their tank? Now, they can be a part of the aquatic world.

2. Art Urn

Beautifully constructed ceramic urns can house the remains of your little friend. They can be created in a bevy of styles and even commissioned for something uniquely yours. Place the urn at a prominent spot in your home as a centerpiece with honors.

3. Biodegradable Urn

Most memorial companies offer this product, complete with tree or wildflower seeds. The urn holds the seeds in the upper section that germinate before the roots grow through the lower compartment that contains the ashes. Your beloved pet will help to create life for a lovely tree or beautiful flower.

4. Diamond

Mirroring the process used to make synthetic diamonds, your pet’s ashes can be infused into a diamond that will last a lifetime and more. After the gem is made, you can have it placed into a necklace, ring or any other type of jewelry. It’s a bit expensive, but the end result is truly special.

5. Fireworks

Your pet’s life should be celebrated in grandiose fashion and nothing does it better than fireworks! Some manufacturers will incorporate a small portion of the cremains into a dynamic set of fireworks to display for all to see.

6. Funeral Service

As pets become more common and grief more understood, more people are opting to hold a full funeral service, complete with casket, burial and headstone. Pet cemeteries also offer burial plots for cremated animals. Remember, our pets are our lifetime friends and there is nothing wrong with honoring them in this way.

7. Keepsake

One of the biggest trends of the last few years, having a keepsake that contains a small amount of cremains can really help a person through the grieving process. It can be a locket, ring, keychain, and so on. Many people are having multiple pieces made to share with all those who loved their pet.
That way, their pet will always be nearby when they are needed most.

8. Portrait

This memorial consists of a portrait created with paint that contains your pet’s cremains. Find your favorite picture, choose a background and surround it with a wonderful frame. Find the best place to display it in your home and introduce your pet to all who visit, explaining how lucky you were to have had them in your life.

9. Tattoo

Some of the more daring among us are having their pet’s cremains mixed with tattoo ink, and having a portrait tattooed on their body. The tattoo’s design need not be a portrait, maybe it’s just a name or a representation of their favorite toy – whatever remembrance you choose.

10. Taxidermy

This age-old process is being rekindled for those who want their pet to be physically near after their passing. It is becoming quite popular for a dog, cat or other animal to be honored in its original form. Taxidermy can provide a frozen moment in time, a tangible item that can help a person mourn and commemorate a very close and furry friend.



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