Physician ProfileMark Mattingly, MD


Dr. Mark Mattingly is the only colon and rectal surgeon in town. He owns his own practice in Flint and is affiliated with Genesys Regional Medical Center and McLaren Medical Center. Dr. Mattingly attended medical school in Kentucky at the University of Louisville and has been in practice since 2002. “Time flies when you’re having fun,” he says with a smile. He completed his residency at Michigan State University, and completed some of his clinical rotations at McLaren.

Initially, Dr. Mattingly was pursuing a degree in dentistry. “I started out thinking I wanted to become a dentist, but discovered I wasn’t happy with that,” he says. So he immediately applied for medical school and continued his studies in the field of colon and rectal surgery. He met his wife Shayhana when he was in dental school. She joined an existing dental practice in Flint while he was completing his residency. Dr. Mattingly had always thought they would return to Kentucky, but instead decided to make Flint their permanent home.

Becoming a doctor was something Dr. Mattingly always wanted to do. “It’s almost like a calling these days,” he says. “Most people don’t go into it for the money. I truly enjoy helping people and I am very happy with my choice.” He says the downside of the job is the long hours. “But it’s very rewarding. I am hitting the peak of Baby Boomers who, as they age, develop rectal and colon illnesses. It’s a pleasure to help them.”

What Dr. Mattingly enjoys most about his vocation are his patient relationships. “I have a personal connection with them,” he says. I enjoy the office visits. It’s the personal aspect of medicine, getting to know them as a person – not a disease.” As the area’s only colon and rectal surgeon, Dr. Mattingly has expanded the staff at his practice to include a minimally invasive surgeon, and hopes to add another colon and rectal surgeon. “I just haven’t found the right person, yet,” he says, “and there is certainly plenty of population in this area for two surgeons.” Dr. Mattingly also treats benign and malignant conditions involving the small bowel, colon, rectum and anus, utilizing laparoscopic and robotic techniques when possible.

In his very little spare time, Dr. Mattingly enjoys time with his family. He and his wife are avid gardeners and the whole family, including their two daughters, enjoys outdoor sports, especially in the winter. “Being from Kentucky, winter in Michigan was a shock,” he laughs. “We’ve gotten used to it and I’ve come to love the weather. It’s grown on me.” Shayhana was born and raised in Zimbabwe, so they still travel there to visit her family. “It’s a long trip,” Dr. Mattingly says, “but the girls love visiting their cousins, and they love the wildlife.” He says both of their daughters, Azaariah, 14, and Alheena, 12, have shown interest in the medical field. Azaariah works at her father’s office during the summer and would one day like to take over his practice, and Alheena is interested in becoming a dentist, like her mother.

March was Colon Rectal Awareness Month and Dr. Mattingly can’t stress enough how important it is to not ignore the symptoms; they include abdominal pain, blood in stool, feeling weak and anemia for no known reason. He treats many patients for colon or rectal cancer. “It’s so frustrating to see people who have had symptoms and did nothing about it,” Dr. Mattingly reports. “It’s called the silent killer; but if it is discovered early, it is the most treatable cancer there is.”

Photography by Mike Naddeo


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