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It is estimated that 2.6 million weddings will take place in the U.S. this year – a record high! The uncertain climate for social activity has inspired creativity and couples are exploring non-traditional concepts for their big day. Here are some trends for the wedding season ahead, and tips from local wedding experts.


Pop the Question like a Pro

By Peter Hinterman

So, you’ve been together for a while now. You’re in love and pretty sure the feeling is mutual. You know their bad habits and are fine with them (even the weird toenail-clipping one). You’ve met their family members and liked some of them. You are sure that you want to spend the rest of your life with this person and are ready to propose that you make it legal. How do you do it? Well, MCM has compiled a list of five pro proposal moves to make sure it goes right. It’s time to get that big “Yes” MCM-style.

1. They should be surprised. The proposal should always be spontaneous for them, but not for you. Plan to do it in a natural setting or during an activity that isn’t too out of the ordinary. It can be fun to let their friends and family in on the scheme as long as they can be trusted. Don’t tell their best friend or even YOUR best friend if you think they’ll blab.

2. Be Cheesy. Oh, yes. It’s time to get romantic! Don’t be afraid to go a little over the top (within reason). Break out the rose petals, the candles, the ambiance. Maybe put on a little Barry Manilow or Barry White. (Well, Manilow could be a bit much; maybe save White for after the “yes” if you catch my drift.) It may feel a little ridiculous, but it will become a cherished memory.

3. Don’t hide the ring. For gosh sakes, what are you doing? The ring was expensive – never let it out of your sight! Don’t put it in a shoe, a tree, a buried treasure chest, a package you mailed to your home addressed to your partner with instructions to open immediately that got lost in the mail and when it did arrive was stolen by a porch pirate you had to hunt down leading to an epic adventure of mystery and suspense causing the destruction of two cars and a building and the addition of a new cat to your home (she said “yes”), and never hide the ring in food. The last thing you want is for your partner to spend the night choking and gasping for air.

4. Take a knee. Old-fashioned? Yes. Cliched? Of course. Totally sweet and endearing? Absolutely. Some customs should never be forgotten and this is one of them. You are asking another person to spend their life with you and only you. You are both vulnerable in the moment and surrendering yourself and all you stand for to them is eternally symbolic. Besides, their reaction when you take a knee will be forever priceless.

5. Rehearse your lines. Know exactly what you will say and how to say it. You will be nervous, sweaty, shaking, stuttering, sweaty, scared, unsteady and sweaty. Practicing will help keep you calmer and more focused. Pro Tip: Keep it short and sweet. The more you want to say, the bigger the chance of stumbling.

With these tips, you will have yourself a beaming betrothed in no time. No doubt they will be overjoyed and impressed by how well you planned for and executed a question of such importance and are ready to start a life with you as a partner.

Good Luck and Godspeed from your friends at MCM!


The Gown: Trends to Inspire

From bold details like voluminous sleeves and big bows to little black details and feminine floral prints, the 2022 runways highlighted inspired gown designs.

From lilac and pistachio to peach, lemon and “something blue” shades, pastel tones were featured on both the spring and fall runways.

Both modern and retro, many bridal collections featured big bows adorning backs, shoulders and waistlines.

The return of strapless ball gowns creates a true princess moment.

Touches of black add a classically modern feel to this season’s designs, from a subtle bow or applique to a dramatic dipped skirt.

This season’s bridal fashions are generating excitement for brides-to-be who can finally say “I Do!”

Make it Your Own

By Tracy’s Creations Custom Specialty Alterations

Years ago when she was teaching art education, Tracy (Ellis) Nuttle had a phrase displayed across her classroom desk: “The definition of creativity is taking things that already exist and recombining them in new and unique ways.” Now, her own creativity and decades of experience allow her to provide brides with something beautiful for their Big Day in new and unique ways.

“The gowns frequently come straight from the salon when I customize and personalize them for the bride’s individual style,” she says, “but occasionally, I work with a previously worn gown that has been in storage.”

Nuttle enjoys a chance to repurpose a vintage wedding gown by modifying the style and creating a vision that reflects the present. “This past year, I took a mother’s wedding gown and rearranged its classic 90s elements – the big puffed sleeves, heavy applique with pearls and rainbow sequins and a larger ‘butt bow’ – into a current, classic restyle for her daughter,” Nuttle explains. The bride loved the gown’s original applique elements, so Nuttle incorporated them and created a new, sleeveless neckline with an open back and a modified rear bow. “We left the cutaway applique skirt untouched, highlighting the beauty of the gown her mother had loved a generation before,” Nuttle adds. “We created a new veil in the current style, as well. The best of both worlds, you might say!”

Nuttle created several “second generation” bridal fashions in 2021, designing for the daughters of brides she worked with 25+ years ago. “Seeing time progress in this way warmed my heart and reassured my confidence that my skills remain in demand and are appreciated after all this time,” Nuttle says. “I love what I do. I get to build, engineer, create, take apart and restyle a gown to order, AND play dress-up several times a week! I have the best job ever!”

The Little White Dress

By Maegan Perrin, Founder/Co-owner Norah’s Bridal

It’s 2022 and brides will be making a statement in short wedding dresses. The “Little White Dress” is giving floor-length gowns a run for their money this year by offering versatile options for the ceremony, second look and beyond.

The short wedding dress was extremely popular in the 1960s and has remained a frequent choice for civil ceremonies and today’s smaller weddings. This trend is here to stay for seasons to come, but with a larger presence beginning in 2022.

Over the past two years, COVID-19 has changed the way brides approach their Big Day. The uncertainty created by cancellations, postponements and downsizing of celebrations has led brides-to-be to choose fun over tradition when planning their wedding. Fortunately for brides, there is an LWD for everyone!

For brides who have their heart set on a floor-length gown, a short white dress is also a great option to wear for other wedding-related events such as the reception, rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, or even a second look. Another great perk of a short wedding dress is the opportunity to rewear it and show off those killer legs long after your wedding day.

From modern silhouettes to allover lace minis to sequin and beaded styles, there is a short wedding dress for every bride’s personality and venue choice. Paired with a statement veil, the look can rival any ballgown.

Whether you are eloping, having a micro-wedding or a casual-chic civil ceremony, designers across the world are debuting their best LWD styles, and they are to die for!

All About the Details

By Jerome Raska, AIFD,AAF,PFCI, CF – Blumz by JRDesigns

In general, weddings and other celebrations are very personal and should be reflective of the honorees. An event venue is selected based on a person’s likes and desires, and event designers typically use this as a guide when creating the event’s overall look and feel.

While we have designed many events in traditional settings such as banquet facilities and country clubs, we are also seeing unique and diverse venues such as barns and rustic or raw spaces. Couples are looking for something that expresses who they are.

Currently popular are floral themes that include many foliage types with accents of fresh flowers incorporating several tints, tones and textures, as well as cream and blush-pink paired with shades of blue. Going forward, this year’s PANTONE Color of the Year “Very Peri” – will come into play. This warm and friendly blue hue opens up many possibilities for using natural products.

It’s all about the details! In addition to personal flowers such as bouquets and wearables (corsages and boutonnieres), designers must create beautiful ceremony décor, as those spaces are the backdrop of many wedding photos.

When creating a look and feel for reception tables, first impressions are very important. Using chargers or base plates can create visual impact upon guest arrival. Enhancing the overall feel using fresh flowers combined with natural accents such as fresh citrus and veggies is a trend that is returning to the forefront.

Remember: flowers and décor can completely transform an otherwise simple event space. We pride ourselves on listening to each couple’s needs and considering all of these factors when planning their Big Day!

The Ring: A Reflection of Your Love

By Chip Beltinck, Jeweler and Owner, Sawyer Jewelers

Serving the community and surrounding counties for over 75 years, Sawyer Jewelers has seen many trends in fine jewelry come, go and return, especially with engagement rings and wedding bands.

Over the last decade, white gold has been the most desired for brides-to-be; however, a shift has occurred over the last two years. Rose gold, mostly forgotten about after World War II, has been revived as one of the newest trends with the current generation. But don’t count yellow gold out – it’s coming back hot!

While the traditional diamond engagement ring has little competition, colored precious gemstones have become popular. The most desired cut continues to be round, with oval cut a close second, especially amongst the current generation, and pear-shaped coming in third. When considering lab-created or treated diamonds and colored gemstones, use caution. Just because it’s blue doesn’t mean it’s a sapphire.

When shopping for an engagement ring, we recommend finding a reputable, independent jeweler who can serve you for generations to come without sending your prized possessions off-site for repair. And remember: the key to a ring’s longevity is routine maintenance.

An engagement ring is a very personal item and should reflect your love and her style. Do not take what she desires lightly – it’s extremely important to her. A reputable jeweler can make any cut beautifully, so don’t shy away from the one that most represents her uniqueness.

Small Venue, Big Impact!

By Jasmyn Lee, Marketing Manager, The Laundry

Small event venues have been in high demand and 2022 will not be an exception. Opting for a “Micro Wedding” or “Minimony” allows for the ceremony to be an intimate affair that lets the happy couple spend quality time with the people they love most. And, they get to save money that would have been spent on a large-scale celebration.

This choice of event format means crafting an experience that is very tailored to the couple’s preferences and creating an inviting space that feels like home. There are many ways a planner can help make this happen with a small venue. Each branch of the planning process has a role in assuring the best experience possible.

One key element is to make sure that the venue has partnerships with local florists, custom bakers and rental companies to help the couple make the event space their own. Using purveyors such as Gerych’s Greenhouse, Flowers & Events, and Crust – a Baking Company allows for customization of details that make the day feel special and wonderfully delicious.

Another way a planner can tailor the event is to help the couple choose custom cocktails; this can vary by venue. Sometimes, it’s an original craft cocktail the venue offers, such as The Laundry’s “Snappy Little Vodka Drink” or “The Prisoner;” in other instances, it is a cocktail created by the couple.

An outstanding food menu makes the event feel like it was made specifically for the special couple. This means ensuring that the venue’s food options will impress the wedding guests and that they will be thrilled by the flavor of all the dishes.

The biggest factor is to choose a venue with outstanding service staff who are dedicated to making the day as perfect as possible. The staff should be ready to react to on-site requests on the fly while delivering a truly seamless experience.

There are many factors in choosing a small wedding venue, and each one should be carefully considered and planned. Cheers to every celebration!

Time to Celebrate!

Compiled by Sherron Barden

If there’s one thing that changed dramatically over the last two years, it was weddings! Pandemic restrictions led many couples to choose elopement, marry at city hall or in their backyards. While things continue inching toward normalcy in the wedding industry, typical huge and formal celebrations are still being put aside, for the most part.

According to planners and vendors across the U.S., they have received record numbers of inquiries and bookings through 2024, thanks to COVID wedding postponements. The uncertain climate for social interaction has inspired creativity and couples are exploring non-traditional concepts – food truck parties, dance parties, open air tents, themes such as Old Hollywood, disco and lavish garden parties (thanks to “Bridgerton”) … all with a modern twist, personal touches and a focus on fun! Here are some trends for the wedding season ahead.


With so many couples having to change their plans in 2020 and 2021, this “step one” tradition made a pivot to digital format. The virtual save-the-date provides instant gratification of getting responses right away. Not quite as romantic as the real thing, but it does save resources and cost (should the date need to be changed again) and can be followed by a traditional physical invitation that invitees can admire until the Big Day.

Pastel palettes have dominated decor themes for the past few years, so it’s time to invite bold pops of color to the party! Trends for this year include monochrome tones with vivid touches and off-beat, color-clashing combinations. Color trend forecaster PANTONE predicts the big colors for spring and summer 2022 will include pink-purple Orchid Bloom, vibrant Super Sonic blue, fresh Fair Green, playful Bubblegum pink, warm Coral Rose and cool Cascade blue. And their rich purple Color of the Year 2022 – Very Peri – is also right on trend.


The Cake

While trends come and go, this tradition is the sweetest of all!

A reception decor theme that includes metallic touches can include the cake – from full metallic paint to light metallic flowers and texture, this trend is growing.

For the couple who wants something unique, this design trend is a fun twist on a traditional cake. The dripping icing details can be found in a variety of designs, colors and flavors. Some cake designers are combining two trends by creating cakes with metallic icing drips – well done!

A trend that promotes safety at a larger party and also makes guests feel more special, individual cakes can be placed at a seated dinner or sent home as a treat. (While they’re adorable, this can be a pricey option.)

Cake Pro Tips

1. Tasting is a must.
Choosing the bakery to provide this special item is a big deal! Get a couple of references and set up a meeting so you can get to know their personality and make sure you “click.”

2. Finalize your guest list (& venue size) first.
You need to know how many people the cake will have to serve and what style will look best in the space.

3. Choosing a style should be one of the last to-do items.
Your favorite cake style simply may not “go” with the season, your attire, reception venue, decor theme, menu and flowers. These elements should be decided upon first and will serve as a guide for the cake design.

4. Think about display.
Before you cut that beautiful cake, it will likely be on display at your reception. The shape of the cake is key to choosing a table that will allow the best presentation. A round table is perfect for round cakes, etc. Your florist can help with decorating the table to complement the theme.

5. Always consider the weather.
Getting married in August? Avoid a cake covered in whipped cream, meringue or buttercream: They don’t stand up to heat. Ask your baker about summer-friendly icing options; you might want to go for a fondant-covered cake – it doesn’t even need refrigeration.

The Food

Think ice cream, donuts, cupcakes, etc. – a great way to personalize the party.

bdavid32 /

This is a big trend: bright, edible flowers will garnish cocktails, cakes, salads and hors d’oeuvres.

Both fun and practical – combine party favors with late night snacks. Pack bags with light, to-go meals for people to grab as they leave at the end of the big night.

The Fun Factor

  • Satellite & Specialty Bars
  • Cotton Candy Station
  • Ferris Wheel
  • Arcade Games
  • Tarot Card Reader

Oversized buffets • Fast-food style items • Mini-food


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