My Top 5 Must Watch Christmas Movies


It’s Monday, December 23, two days before the family arrives, the sweets get eaten and the gifts are handed around. Now, I am a creature of habit and there are certain things that I absolutely MUST do before the big day. Sure, I have to make some Christmas cookies, decorate our tree and listen to certain Christmas albums (John Denver and the Muppets, Josh Groban’s Noel and Michael Buble are the main three, in case your wondering) but, above all, certain Christmas films must be viewed. Of the multiple movies that I love, I have decided to narrow it down to five of my personal best and to present them in order of least to most important. Movies are quite subjective so feel free to agree or disagree with my choices and respond in the comments with your own Top 5.

The Top 5 must watch Christmas movies are:

5. “A Christmas Story” – This is the movie that just gets better the older the viewer. Not my favorite as a kid but, as an adult, I get it. I absolutely love the voiceover and believe that it is the absolute best part of the film. “Pulverized.”

4.“Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town” – This is probably the most under-rated Christmas movie. I love this style of animation and the songs are ones that I find myself humming year-round. Plus, ‘Burgermeister, Meisterburger,’ Nuff said!

3.“Elf” – Will Ferrell movies are very “hit-and-miss” but, I find this one absolutely charming. His child-like wonder is refreshing and brings me back to a time when Christmas was magic.

2.“National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” – This is a must view at my father’s house every Christmas Eve. It’s not time to open gifts unless this movie is playing in the background. Clark Griswold is a legend and should be treated as such.

1.“How the Grinch Stole Christmas” – The original cartoon, don’t give me any of that Jim Carrey stuff. The cartoon reflects the true spirit of the season, and the forgiveness and peace exhibited by all the “Who’s down in Whoville” is something needed today. Honestly though, the thing that always gets me is the song. The lyrics (written by Dr. Seuss!) are fantastic and the vocal performance from Thurl Ravenscroft is superb!


Honorable mentions: “Home Alone” (one of my favorites as a kid) and “Die Hard” (Yes, it’s a Christmas movie).


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