Mothers Talking Through It Conversations Drive Education Around Pregnancy and What to Expect


Expectant mothers in Flint are coming together for open discussions and education on their health and how to care for their newborns. As a Health Educator with Hamilton Community Health Network (HCHN), I have observed a need for a program to aide mothers in transition and getting through the difficulties of motherhood.

Mommy Talk Lunch on Us is a new program at HCHN’s North Pointe Clinic that brings expectant and new mothers together in an open forum. Our goal is to increase self-efficacy amongst our expectant patients and allow them a safe place to express their concerns regarding pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and other issues that may have an impact on the health of the mom and the infant. By doing this, it will allow HCHN to step in and offer assistance to decrease negative birth outcomes and aid patients with any health concerns.


From 2010-2016, two research studies were conducted at HCHN called The Adverse Birth Outcome Initiative Program. This research was conducted among the obstetric patients of Hamilton’s clinics. The women counted in these two studies had either delivered a low-birth weight infant, had a miscarriage or delivered a stillborn infant. Among these women, just over 12 percent had a stillborn infant and nearly 41 percent had miscarried. These findings indicate a need for interventions to improve birth outcomes for women in Flint.

Through continued programming at HCHN, I hope to work with providers and patients to reduce these numbers, with emphasis on mothers who reside on Flint’s north end. Through these efforts, we hope to increase knowledge of prenatal care, provide incentives to help increase prenatal visits and get a better understanding of what mothers need and expect when it comes to their healthcare and the care of their babies. As we educate these women, we hope to build a healthier community.

“As expectant mothers, they will have the opportunity to discuss any health concerns and/or resources they need,” says Amy Bacon, Health Educator at Hamilton Community Health Network. “Hamilton hopes to get a better understanding of what mothers are looking for and expect when it comes to their healthcare and the care of their babies.”

Bacon also says she hopes the participating women find resources and support from others attending the discussion.

Mommy Talk Lunch on Us is held on the second Thursday of each month at HCHN’s North Pointe Clinic at 5710 Clio Road, Flint. Metro Transit Authority (MTA) bus passes are provided for expectant mothers who need a ride to and from the group meeting. The lunch is open to all pregnant women in Flint. For more information, call Amy Bacon at 810.406.4912 ext. 4982, or email


Photography by Kayce McClure


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