Hurley Receives $9,800 from Martha Merkley-Elderly Charitable Trust


The Hurley Foundation has received a grant of $9,800 from the Martha Merkley-Elderly Charitable Trust.

The grant will support implementation of the Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP): a comprehensive patient-centered program designed to prevent delirium, falls, functional decline and readmission of the older adult, allowing them to return home at the maximum level of independence. Hurley will recruit and train volunteers that will go to the bedside to help keep older patients oriented to their surroundings, meet their nutritional needs, address any sleep issues in a non-pharmacological way and help keep them mobile within the limitations of their physical condition. Hurley plans to serve 250 patients during the first year of this program.

The program will focus on a broad scope of geriatric issues including creating a comfortable, orienting environment and review of daily schedule; therapeutic activities (e.g. puzzles, trivia, reminiscence); sleep enhancement strategies (e.g. sleep environment, hand massage); exercise and mobilization; hearing and vision support; accompanying patients during mealtimes to encourage and assist with eating; preventing dehydration; pastoral care; family support and education; and individualized discharge planning.

Hurley Medical Center has the area’s only Senior Center of Excellence. Services include a fast track, immediate rooming policy for patients 65 and older in the Emergency Department, a team of geriatric nurse specialists who follow seniors from admission to discharge to address age-specific care needs, a virtual geriatric fracture center, and a bone health program.

“As the region’s most innovative leader in caring for seniors, we are delighted to be able to add this extra layer of safety, comfort and companionship for our seniors,” said Catherine Metz, Service Line Administrator at Hurley Medical Center.


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