How to Break Bad Money Habits and Stop Being Broke


Want to learn about how to break bad money habits and stop being broke? Flint Native, Ro Allen is the author of the book, The End of Financial Worry: 9 Ways to Create Permanent Peace Around Money. She is a speaker, author, personal finance strategist, and serial entrepreneur, who provides personal finance strategies and coaching to people from around the world. She is a graduate of Flint Southwestern Academy, and Michigan State University.

Her book, which was published on January 9, shows people how to overcome anxieties from living paycheck to paycheck, how to stop worrying about not having enough money to pay for emergencies or bills, and how to stop being broke.

Allen is returning to Flint to host a free two-day personal finance seminar on Feb 28 and Feb. 29 at Hampton Inn & Suites, 6060 Rashelle Dr. Flint. To register for the event, go to


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