♥ Smart Technology Comes to Genesys



During the month dedicated to love, the Genesys Heart Institute hosted its third-annual Affair of the Heart event at Warwick Hills Country Club, in order to help establish new heart-attack technology that will save lives by expediting patient care.

The most life-threatening of all heart attacks is the STEMI, caused by a blockage of one of the arteries that supplies blood to the heart. Without blood, the heart muscle will die. Rapid response is crucial to saving someone experiencing STEMI, and Genesys is upgrading their technology to respond faster. The upgrade will allow EMS providers to send cardiac information directly from the ambulance to the emergency department while en route to the hospital. With diagnostics already completed by the time the patient arrives, the heart team will be prepared to start treatment immediately. Affair of the Heart raised $53,000 for this endeavor, and Betsy Aderholdt, President/CEO of Genesys, says she’s thrilled with the results. “It’s all about embracing cost-effective, new technology and working together to impact more lives,” she said, “and we are thrilled that our EMS providers have partnered with us in this initiative.”

Affair of the Heart began with a cocktail reception, followed by a strolling dinner and casino gaming. Dueling pianos and dancing got the crowd going, while a late night confection table sweetened them up. Prizes were awarded later, and the night finished with more musical fun.



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