Great Lakes Chiropractic and MovementNew Natural Movement Center


On Tuesday, October 18, 2016, Jon Morey, DC, MCT, and a local Chiropractic Physician, hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony at Great Lakes Chiropractic and Movement Center, located in the Valley Plaza at 4215 Miller Road, in Flint Township.


Dr. Morey is a licensed Chiropractic Physician, MovNat™ Certified Trainer, 5th degree black belt, and a Biology professor at the University of Michigan-Flint. His interests have always been the human body and how it works. This is the reason for his life-long study of the martial arts, human movement, nutrition, and what eventually led him to become a Physician.


By opening this innovative and unique Natural Movement Center, it will offer chiropractic healthcare, feature certified instructors in natural human movement, provide nutritional counseling and metabolic therapy, martial arts training, and massage.

“Through my years of chiropractic experience, I have treated patients whose bodies are afflicted mainly by pain caused from a lack of mobility – caused by sitting or standing all day, general inactivity, or from not moving in the way our bodies are designed to move,” commented Dr. Morey. “Much of this discomfort can be avoided by learning or relearning how to move naturally.”


This new center is the first MovNat™ licensed facility in the Midwest. MovNat™ is a physical education and fitness method that uses the full range of natural human movements. Natural Movement lessons and exercises can provide improved balance and mobility, pain relief, and increased fitness. The benefits range from helping people in basic everyday tasks, as well as advanced athletes looking to improve agility and efficiency. The Center’s nutritional counseling service offers clients individual programs based on the individual’s goals and body, such weight loss, improved energy, and treating certain conditions.


“The systems that make our bodies function work together rather than independently; what we feed our bodies greatly affects the performance across these systems,” explains Dr. Morey. “You could have a person who suffers from joint pain every time they exercise – the fact is their diet may be high in foods that cause inflammation adding to the pain. This is why we use scientific tests and make recommendations based on the person’s individual body makeup.”


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