Grand Blanc-McFarlen Library Hosts a Real Page-Turner


Need help learning how to operate your digital reading devices? Today, Grand Blanc-McFarlen Library presents the OverDrive Event, which is an opportunity to teach book lovers how to use their Kindles, Nooks, iPads, and audiobook apps. “People bring these gadgets and don’t know how to use them,” says Eileen, the library’s Communications Relations Manager. “This is a fun way to help them learn how to use the devices.”

From young children to seniors, all patrons can bring their electronic devices to learn how to use them, which makes reading on-the-go much easier. “People are tired of traveling and lugging books around. These devices are a great way to take a bunch of books with you.” Eileen shares.

The 18-wheel semi-truck has six different stations with technicians at hand, ready to assist. Each station does something different. The stations are: Welcome and Orientation, Audiobook Alley, eBook Experience, Digital Catalog, Gadget Gallery, and the Video Lounge. At one station, for example, technicians demonstrate how to download different features. Eileen explains: “Kindle has six different versions of itself. We can teach how to use one particular version of that device and how to best download books, video, and music.”

The best part, Eileen believes, is that the event is so multi-faceted. “It intersects at different levels: stories, music, and books,” she shares, “and the people also love the library. I think that’s great. Also, it’s free to Genesee County.”

Eileen believes that the OverDrive Event is similar to having a book that you like, and “you know it’s an awesome book and want everyone else to read it!” A fitting analogy. Eileen hopes that this can service a lot more people, and teach them more about their devices.

Including other events scattered throughout the day, Grand Blanc-McFarlen Library hosts the OverDrive Event today from 10am until 4pm.


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